Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hello September!!

Hey Everyone! Well, we said goodbye to the lake this weekend, and HELLO to football season, so I guess you can say that fall is officially here! Before I share a few photos from over the weekend, let's review what I said I wanted to accomplish in the month of August...

- Hang guest room curtains - DONE! Click here for guest room!
- Hang blind in Steven's office - DONE! My Daddy came over while Steven was in DC and hung it up for me so that while I was studying, I wouldn't see the Mothman outside the window haha!
- Buy ferns for the front door. I can't decide if I want to do something one sided or have ferns on either side. Kind of done? Now that its fall, I am leaning more toward getting something at the end of the month that is hearty and can stand the like 6 weeks of winter that we might actually have. But until then I do have candles on either side! Click here to see.
- Go to Atlanta for no reason - NO GO.
- Backup my iphone. I'm getting real sick of the "not enough storage" message.... - BAHAHAHHAHA.
- Finish pressure-washing the "pool deck" aka the concrete slab around our large piece of grass haha! - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
- Look for fabric for living room and dining room curtains. - HA! I crack myself up.
- Win a lottery scratch off ticket ;) - Bought ticket, still broke. 

So what is in store for September?

Surviving until the 21st. What is the 21st? The day we leave for the beach! 

Yes surviving, but all I really want to accomplish this month is:

- Finish my Sphere of Influence so that I can send out "New Agent Announcement" cards. 
- Pressure wash the pool deck. We're hosting a couples baby shower on the kind of needs to happen. 
- Get my hands on as many PSL's as possible.
- Burn fall scented candles like its my job.  

But enough about goals....let's talk pictures! Friday night Steven and I did our typical 'tour de Athens' date. We went to a new bar in Five Points called The Root, it's under a restaurant there called The Pine. They had a great selection of local beers as well as an extensive vodka and bourbon/whiskey list. The dirty martini was on point and we'll be back again!

The clouds at the lake!! In both of these pictures they just look so picturesque. For the first time since May, the water did not feel like bathwater!!! My parents say they are going up a few more times to enjoy the fall foliage, but I don't know if we'll be able to. So its tah tah for now Lake Hartwell!

Not edited. No filter. Just God's Beauty!

Yesterday was my first official day of work! And this was what I wore :) Our office dress code is business casual, so I went with fitted black pants, pumps and this awesome shirt from Target. The only downfall is that I realized last night that I somehow got a pick on the front of my shirt and its now ruined. The upside, the shirt was $13 from the Target clearance rack, so at least I didn't ruin an expensive shirt!

So there y'all have it folks! Hello September, I'm ready for ya!


  1. Those lake photos are gorgeous! LOVE your work outfit. That top is super cute so I'm sorry to hear it's ruined. I hate it when that happens!

  2. YASSSS for football season!! How 'bout them Dawgs this past weekend?! I think I had like 24 heart attacks during the game!

  3. Yay for fall and your first day of work. How was it? Sorry I have been MIA.