Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Blue Front Door!

When Steven first said that he wanted a blue front door, I was a little skeptical. With all of the warm tones from the stone, I just figured that we would go back with a red toned door. Nada. Had I been the sole decision maker, the door would actually be the complimentary salmon color to our siding color, but I'm not flying solo (thankfully!). After showing him several blue door options from pictures I screen shot on Pinterest, he was even more adamant about blue. He let me choose everything else for our house, so blue was the choice.
I brought home four blue paint choices. Sherwin Williams Naval is ALL OVER Pinterest, but it's mostly on houses with brick, not siding. I personally thought that Indigo Balik was going to be my favorite, but once you got it beside the siding it was truly indigo with no gray tones at all. Sea Serpent was really speaking to me and after a little persuading, it "spoke" to Steven too haha!

The back deck of our house has always been blue. However, its current shade when we moved in was like a mix of powder blue and baby blue....think the tux from Dumb and Dumber haha! When the painters told us that we needed to pick a color, we just decided to "go for it" and paint the same color as the door, on the back deck.
Now looking at this picture, and the front door, they look totally different! The deck looks much lighter!! But with a good outdoor rug and two nice chairs, I think it'll be a great little sitting area for us :) What color is your front door? If you could paint it any color, what would you go with?


  1. How hard was it to PAINT the front door? What's it made of? Mine DESPERATELY needs refreshing...

  2. Aw I love the color you picked! We had a blue front door too but its almost a teal blue color.

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