Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Because Everyone Loves a Bi-Weekly Blogger

The last time I wrote a post, I said that I wanted to survive until the 21st.

Well by golly, I am alive and kickin! Hahahaha! And by kickin, I mean running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

So what has happened since the last time I blogged?

AACA's Toast of the Town! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! A great time was had by all :) 
Car Selfies!

Photo Cred: Athens Photo Booths

Photo Cred: Athens Photo Booths

The first UGA home game 'Tween The Hedges' .... and it was a W! A W by the skin of our teeth, but a W nonetheless. 

I am officially a Realtor. I've started my new job and new agent training. To put it lightly, its like drinking out of a fire hydrant. Getting set up, sucking in all the knowledge I can, and prepping my new agent cards! It's incredibly exciting....now who wants to sell a house?!?!?

Mic Drop: Steven wants to get another cat! He seems to think that Cornflake needs a friend. I think she is going to freak out and hate us. So we'll see... I feel about this, like I feel about a dog, I just don't know if I have room in my heart to love another animal. I know that I could, but its going to have to be the RIGHT cat. 

Tomorrow, we leave for the beach! Steven has never been to the gulf coast. Growing up at the beach, there is never really a reason to go to the beach for vacation. So he has never seen the crystal clear water and white sand! Oh I am so EXCITED! Oh and oyster season is back! While I do risk it and eat raw oysters in the months that don't have an 'r' in them... I'm going to have no problem eating my own dozen (or two) while I am down there! This will be the first extended trip that we're taking with my parents, so that'll be fun too!! 

There you have it folks! The skinny as to whats been going on in the past two weeks!! I am hoping to get everything settled in October and can better balance my two jobs while transitioning in to one! I'll be back with some beach pictures :) And then after that I'll be jumping on the bandwagon to FALL! Bring on the PSL's! Tah Tah for now!


  1. Yay glad you survived! Sounds like a whirlwind! :)

  2. What fun pics!! I had never been to the Gulf Coast until this year - WAY warmer than CA beaches :) What is the rule for months with an "r" in them??

  3. Haha! You sound like me starting my new job in title!! OMG! I feel like I've been baptized by fire! You'll be a rock star though & be selling fab homes in no time!!

  4. get her a friend! best thing I ever did for Chloe was get Sophie. And I feel like you need captain crunch or Cheerio! And nothing wrong about sporadic blogging, its the new norm around here too. xoxo

  5. You are busy busy girl! And GOOOO DAWGS!!!! I have had about 30 mini heart attacks over the last three games, but at least we managed to pull out wins for each of them! And do you guys always sit in those same seats?? They look like they're pretty close to our seats! We have season tix so we're always in the same spot.

  6. Congrats on becoming a realtor! I found your blog from Carolina Charm's and have been reading through your posts :) love your cute little cat!