Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our Zen Guest Room Retreat!

Hey everyone! Ok, I'm back in the blogging game so I wanted to share with y'all our (finally) completed guest room! Last Friday after work I made a little trip to Target for a curtain rod....a top, bathing suit bottom and a dress later I was out of there. The next morning I begrudgingly drug Steven out of bed around 9:30 to get our project started!

Let me set up a little back story - cause everyone loves a good back story/explanation, well at least I do - on the guest room. Before we moved in, I purchased the bedding. I really, really, really wanted to have an all white master bedroom, but lets be real here. When you drink wine in bed and have literally spilled it on yourself before because you think you've made it to your mouth, its probably not a good idea to have allll white everything. So enter all white guestroom! Initially I wanted to order the bedding from Pottery Barn, but when I came across the duvet cover in TJ Maxx (um hello $39 for everything!) I scooped it up!

Everything in this room is a combination from our two apartments. We had discussed buying "real" guest room furniture, but after getting a-hold of the headboard and lamps with some spray paint, and the addition of the pictures from my mom, everything came together! We've had curtains for this room since about the second week that we moved in. They literally hung in Steven's closet until last week.

When I walk into this room, its just so peaceful and I love it! Provided, we have yet to have anyone spend the night at our is ready for guests now! But until it will remain "Cornflakes room". She was very distressed when we started working in, she hid halfway under the bed the entire time!

I wish that I had resource links for y'all to click on for whats in the room, but when the duvet, pillows and curtains come from TJ's, and the pictures are from my mom's staging stock and the furniture is almost as old as Steven and I, there are no links to click! But maybe the pictures can serve as inspiration for your own zen bedroom :)

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