Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Mixed Bag

So I've felt the urge to come back here and write today, but I honestly don't have anything to write about. Well I do have something to talk about, and I feel weird talking about my medical diagnosis at what is supposed to be such a "cheery" time of year, but it's been acting up the past few days so its at the forefront of my mind.

Remember this post? Thankfully the quivering subsided and I made through Georgia-Florida without any incidents! Until I woke up Sunday morning on SSI and couldn't open my mouth. Long story short, two rounds of blood work and two MRI's later I have been diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Dystonia. Basically it causes the muscles in my face and neck to spasm so hard that I cannot open my mouth and I have pain that radiates in my neck. #awesome. Unfortunately there is no cure for Dystonia, but it can be treated with 3 things, muscle relaxers, Botox and acupuncture. Its a rare diagnosis and most people (unless you're in the medical field) have never heard of it. Thankfully the neurologist that I saw was finally able to prescribe a muscle relaxer that worked! It was the 4th one I had tried....

The jaw tightness subsided around November 20th (I'd reached the 4 week mark of suffering at this point in time), however accompanying the tightness, there is also a metallic taste in my mouth and numbness on the right upper side of face (think cheek/eye socket/into my hair line). Those symptoms haven't gone away. In fact I got a massage and she did a little bit of reflexology on my feet and it made my face go TOTALLY numb. I won't be going back for that.

The course of doctors went like this - dentist --> oral surgeon --> neurologist. Each one kept asking me if I was stressed, and it kept getting very old being asked this question. In my mind I felt like I wasn't stressed, but now I think that it has to be related to stress because, I'm about to list my FIRST HOUSE!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after having worked the real estate game since September, I am getting ready to stick a FOR SALE sign on a property Monday afternoon!!!!!! So while this is an exciting time, I am also nervous because condos require special stips and add'l HOA information in the contract. Now if only I could keep telling myself to believe in my own real estate motto...

Lastly..... Christmas cards have started coming in the mail!!! Cards are one of my favorite things about Christmas and right now it's KILLING me that we don't have a good picture for this year's card. You see, when your card from last year is SO.FREAKING.AWESOME and since then your husband has grown a beard and is even hotter than before (in my opinion haha!) what is one to do?


I guess that you pray that you get a good picture taken over the holidays and can send out a fabulous  Happy New Year card! The only downfall to this is that Cornflake had already picked out what she wanted to say on the back of the card.... "May there be catnip, not coal, in your stocking!" She is such a little jokester! There is always next year I guess!!

Thanks for reading my Thursday Mixed Bag post!! My goal is to bring you a few holiday posts next week! I'll be sharing our house decor, the menu I've planned for Steven's family brunch and re-cap of my company Christmas party! If you need me between now and then, I'll be blairing Christmas music and drinking eggnog like I'm getting paid too ;)


  1. No lie, i've been stressing our christmas cards!! I don't have pictures worthy! And i have YET to order. I've normally mailed by now.

  2. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but I'm glad that you finally got some answers! Hopefully you can surround yourself with good docs and they can get you the help you need!