Monday, December 5, 2016

A Brief Catch Up!!

Is there anyone out there? I'm still here but I don't know if anyone else is haha!! My last post was almost a month ago and it was really boring with a few pictures. This one promises to be just as boring!

Here we go:

The Georgia vs Auburn game was our last tailgate of the year. In between our trip to Nashville and Thanksgiving we were just too tired to turn it out for Georgia Tech. But irregardless of that, we had a blast and this was the only picture that I took.
Our one year anniversary fell on a Monday. We took a trip back in October to Asheville (which I have yet to re-cap) so we'd already "celebrated" but Steven took me out to Last Resort and we enjoyed a red velvet cake from Cecilias (where our wedding cake came from). Having cake in your house for a solid week is dangerous....just saying ;)

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas....except I can't figure out my tree. I have some glitter sprigs to add to it, but it just doesn't look like its decorated, but it is! There's tons of ornaments on there, but I just can't figure out what it's missing. Taking any and all suggestions!

Our dining room has finally gotten the facelift it deserves! This has been the most neglected room in our house since we moved in. In the past week we've gotten a new rug, new curtains and blue Christmas salad plates on loan from my mom ;) We're hosting Steven's Mom's side of the family for Christmas, so needless to say I'm in "decorate and finish everything" mode!!! Other than parsons chair slip covers, this room is ready to host guests!! I cannot get over how much BETTER this room looks!


Lastly, I can't have a post without a picture of my girl!! You can follow all her shenanigans on Instgram (@cornflakecaudell)! 

I'm off to pick up the keys to a condo from a (potential!) client that I'm doing a listing presentation for this week! Keep your fingers crossed peeps, this could be my FIRST LISTING! 



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  1. your dining room looks gorgeous!! and I think your tree looks fine!! if you feel like you need to add something, how about a bow on the top that hangs all the way down the tree? but really, I think it looks pretty the way it is!