Friday, October 21, 2016

Uh, That's Weird...

There isn't much behind this post today, its more to see if I am the only person who has ever experienced this or if its normal.....

Yesterday around 11:30am, I noticed that my jaw was a little tight. I didn't think much of and continued my work. I have TMJ, but it does not give me any trouble, sure my jaw is a little tight in the mornings, but after a few yawns and cup of coffee I'm good.

I met with my mom and two of my aunts around 12:45 to plan a shower for my cousin. By 1:15 my lower jaw would not quit quivering and I was having some serious tightness and pain my jaw and I couldn't fully open my mouth. My mom said my jawline/cheeks looked a little swollen. I went home to lay down and tried to take a little nap before going back in to the office. My 2:45 I couldn't control the quivering and I called the dentist.

Come 3:15ish I'm having x-rays of my head to make sure that I'm not like dying or something. Ok, so not dying, but the right side of my tongue was numb and my lips and cheeks were tingling like I was coming off of a novocaine shot. The x-rays came back "beautifully" according to my dentist. My jaw is aligned properly, sinuses are clear, tendons look good....aka NOTHING WRONG.

The only conclusion is that I must have some swollen glands in my neck that are pressing on the Trigeminal nerve. 800mgs of motrin and ice were the prescription along with a visit to an oral surgeon on Tuesday.
This is my, what the hell is wrong with me face picture that I was sending to Steven while he was at the gym haha!

Today I have less pain, but the quivering is coming in waves. Sometimes I am fine, then sometimes its quivering so hard I'm afraid if I don't clinch my jaw shut I'll crack a tooth. And I sure has hell don't want to crack my crown, the ones in your mouth can break, unlike like those that go atop your head.

So if you need me, you'll find me drinking my wine through a straw this weekend and eating soup and mashed potatoes. I was really really hoping for a sushi date with Steven, but I don't think I can get a whole rainbow roll in my mouth. damnit.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?? Or am I the only one trying to get in the medical books ;)

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