Monday, July 18, 2016

8 months down + 3 to Mexico!!!

I wrote this post last week and are just now getting around to publishing it...#winning! 

Hey Pretty People! Today I am talking about an anniversary, but its NOT the damn Nordstrom sale, its about 8 months of Steven putting up with me haha!

Today we celebrate our 8 month anniversary - click here to read about my "6 month" mix up - and I wish that I had some awesome advice to give about being married. No two marriages are the same and so I could shed a little light on ours, but it probably wouldn't be the same light as yours. We have done some "big" things and our first year isn't over yet! I'm making a career change and Steven is getting ready to start taking courses to get his CPA!! We've moved and have become "master" landscapers haha!

Last week Steven and I booked our anniversary trip!! We're heading to sunny Cancun, Mexico in October!! For our honeymoon (read about it here) we went to Excellence Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and we had a great experience. We really liked the service we received and knew that we wanted to get the same service again for this trip. Excellence was running a special through October and we decided to jump on it! Excellence has two Mexican resorts, and while we wanted to splurge and go with Playa Mujeres (their nicest resort!), we went practical and chose Riveria Cancun which saved us a few dollars. Don't get me wrong, it will still be nice and we are fortunate to be able to take another Caribbean trip in just a years time.

On Saturday afternoon we were in the car and were listening to Yacht Rock Radio on XM and I looked at the clock and said "Babe! In exactly three months from today, we'll be on our fourth Banana Mama in Mexico!!!!!".  As you can tell, I'm excited! However, before I can even start to think about what I'm putting in my carry on, both Steven and I have two big tests to pass. The state real estate exam for me and the series 4 for Steven's work. So unless you need us, our noses are in books for a while ;) I have three more real estate classes and then my schedule will partially return to normal!!!! And partially normal means more time for this ole blog! YAY! 

Be back soon! Tah tah for now pretties! 


  1. The first anniversary is so special! Love that you are already planning for it!! We always do "traditional" gifts - the first year is paper ;)

  2. Yay Mexico!! Yay 8 months!!! And wahoo new career.

  3. My husband is a CPA! So exciting and I know he is going to do great! We are also going to Mexico this fall for our anniversary! We're going on a cruise and I am so pumped! Happy 8 months of marriage!! These are exciting times for y'all! :)