Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Last Season at the Ted!!

The 2016 Braves schedule will be the last one played at 'The Ted' AKA Turner Field. On Sunday we went to our first (as a couple) Braves game with Josh, Amanda and friends! Even though it was warm, Josh did a great job of picking out seats on the first baseline, under the shade!

The Bravos weren't doing too well and I guess you could say the same for the Rockies as this was a SCORELESS game until the bottom 8th/top 9th!

We enjoyed your typical baseball food - hot dogs, hamburgers and beer - and I don't know if it was just being at the game or if the hot dog was just that good, but I enjoyed it!

I can remember my first Braves game. It was actually in the stadium before the The Ted was built! There is a pictures at my parents house with my Daddy and I in our matching Ray-Bans!!!  I'll have to see if I can dig that gem out sometime haha! It had been almost three years since I had been to a Braves game and there is a part of me that is sad that I waited this long to go back to a game! I'm not sure if our schedules are going to allow for us to go back to another game this year, but if not, I said a proper 'goodbye' to the ted when we left.

This little guy slept the whole way up there, but was wide awake on the ride home. We watched Minions on my phone and 'spotted' cars and trucks the whole way back!

Once we got back I took a little catnap, well when I woke up I woke up with a head cold. WOOF. If you need me I'll be at my desk with a roll of toilet paper and a pack of cough drops!

Click HERE to see a timelapse video of the Braves new home!


  1. We have not gone to a single Rangers game this year. Too hot.

  2. I love the Braves but they do not NEED a new stadium...so senseless of a move IMO. and I remember Fulton stadium, too...it seems like they just moved to the TED...p.s. cute outfits!