Monday, July 11, 2016

Brunch, Bridesmaids and a Birthday!

Hey Pretty People! Things are getting back to normal around my parents house. On Thursday and Friday I helped my mom clean out furniture and get organized for this morning. Unfortunately all of the sub-floor in their bedroom and bathroom is going to have to be removed. On the flipside though, they were able to save the sub-floor in the guest room! As for the basement, it is also a complete re-model. This totally sucks, but my parents are hoping to get things lined up and have some sense of normalcy before they leave on their trip. So please keep them in your thoughts and word to the wise - TURN YOUR WATER OFF WHEN YOU LEAVE!

Friday afternoon I decorated our "new" etegere (sounds like etti-jay, don't you love the French and their spellings!). And by new I mean, my mom was in a giving mood while cleaning out their house and I took it home with me :)

I was totally patting myself on the back when I got finished decorating it! I just pulled things from around the house and voila! While the red items don't necessarily go with the decor design, they'll do for now! When I wrapped this up, we headed over to a friends house to grill out. We made the Wendy's frosty ice cream recipe. Do yourself a favor and make it! And it's even better with a little Bailey's poured on top!

Saturday morning I got up super early to get ready for the day's festivities! First I had brunch and bridesmaids dress finalization with Tara in Atlanta, then I came home for a quick second and then we turned around and headed back to Atlanta to celebrate our friend Amanda's birthday!

We got together Saturday morning at West Egg Cafe in Midtown for brunch before dress shopping! Y'all, their menu, it had so many delicious sounding items that I couldn't even pick. I went with the pancakes and a side of bacon, you can't go wrong with sweet + salty.
Afterward we headed to Bella Bridesmaids. Tara and I went a few months back and I think that she had already made up her mind, but its hard when just one person is trying on dresses and you can't see everything side by side. There are 10 bridesmaids, so out of the combo below, three will wear one the dresses, then two of the other styles. Tara's gown has a lot of detail, so I am wearing this Jenny Yoo dress! My dress needed to be a little more simple as to not take away from her! :)

After the appointment, I headed back home to get Steven and then we met up with Josh and Amanda to go to Escape Room. I'm sure that you've heard of places like this before, but its where you're given a certain amount of clues, then you're put in a room and you have to use the clues + whats in the room to try and figure out the mystery/puzzle. We were in a snowmagedon situation and we had 1 hour to "get inside the house' before the snow storm hit!

Y'all, we made it out with 30 seconds to spare!!!!!!!! It took us 59 minutes and 30 seconds to solve the puzzle and we wouldn't have gotten out if Josh (Amanda's husband) hadn't pulled a clue out of a frozen sponge with his teeth hahaha! For this particular mystery/puzzle, the "escape rate" is only about 40%, so we consider that a win!
Would I do it again? Absolutely! However, I don't think that this a good "team building" exercise. None of us got mad at each other or anything, but I can see how if you have clashing personalities in an office and then you put them in an intense situation, there's bound to be so hurt feelings in the end.

The only proper way to celebrate our escape was with adult beverages! We headed over to Two Urban Licks for libations and dinner! We were in no hurry and we leisurely sipped beverages and ordered apps and dinner. I couldn't make up my mind on what to get, so I ended up ordering three sides, get the collards when you go! They were so good!!!

Right behind the restaurant is the Atlanta Beltline and you can see a portion of the skyline and Ponce City Market, so of course we needed a picture!

I was so pooped from the days activities that I was asleep by 10:30. #old. Yesterday was a "traditional" Sunday, I cooked breakfast, studied, and grocery shopped. Steven did some yard work and piddled around the house! Steven isn't traveling this week for work and there isn't much on the books, so I'm looking forward to an easy week! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Hey lady! We need to catch up! How's married life? I love the house decor!! It looks great! I've been in a writing slump lately, but I'm going to get back on the horse soon!! Hope everything is going well! :)