Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Rewind!!

The weekend kicked off on Thursday with a quick trip to Columbus. Steven has been there for the past two weeks for work :/ Granted he got to come home on the weekend, I was missing him something fierce!!! He was staying downtown at the Marriott which is walking distance to the river walk and the awesome downtown area.

There was live music at several places and the streets were bustling with people. We grabbed dinner at The Cannon Brew Pub, then grabbed beverages at The Social on Broadway. We ended the night with a little stroll by the riverwalk then headed back to the hotel.

Columbus is about 2.5 hours away, so I was up bright and early Friday morning to head home. Friday afternoon I was quite the busy bee! I left work a little early to meet up with my junior league committee for a little future planning before our meeting with the incoming board tomorrow. Then I left that meeting to meet up with my mom! My mom was in the Monroe Junior Service League for 10 years!!! Friday evening they had an 80th anniversary celebration and I went with her. Steven's mom and my mom were in league together, and they had some of the old scrapbooks there, so of course I had to go digging for pictures ;)
Steven's mom is in the red dress
Me! Mom... I can't believe you let me rock those bangs!
My mom is front and center with the dark jacket on and big hair!
Saturday morning we got up early and headed over to my parents to pick up our coffee table. Said table was one that I had used a few times in college and the I put it back in storage at my parents because the size didn't fit my old townhouse or #clubcaudellcircle. But now that our living room is larger, it fills the space nicely!

The room still needs a little work. We plan to re-cover the chairs and get a tall plant for the corner and perhaps a rug. I am happy that this space is FINALLY coming together!!! Later that afternoon we headed to Home Depot so that we could work on the front of the house. In THIS post, I shared with y'all that we cut back our front bushes, well this is the area that we worked on.
14 bags of mulch...
Saturday night we got a little crazy and cooked a vegan meal! WHAT? You didn't cook any meat?? I thought Steven might have a coronary by grilling veggies on the grill instead of meat haha!! Thanks to Pinterest I found a great mushroom recipes along with complimentary sides. Y'all it was DELISH! Click here for recipe!!!

Yesterday we hung up two mirrors in the den, I helped Steven change the oil in his motorcycle, I ran to the grocery store and just did things around the house to get ready for the week!

Steven won't be traveling any more until August, WOOHOOO! I am still on a high from getting an 88 on my real estate midterm, so basically I am motivated to kick booty for the next two weeks of class! This week we are giving it our best go-ahead to eat a more plant based diet....more on that to come! I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend!


  1. The yard looks great now. And woohoo on Steven not traveling until August. I know how that goes. I can't wait to try the mushroom recipe.

  2. Yum your vegan meal looks delicious! I love mushrooms :)

  3. Yard looks good and the room is coming together. Not sure Jason would go with the no meat thing.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip down! And how sweet that your mom and Steven's mom were in the league together! So cool!