Tuesday, April 12, 2016

House Updates!!

Hey There! I wanted to share with y'all a few updates at #casacaudell. Let's be real, its not any "updates" its just pieces/rooms finally coming together!

Dining Room

Until I can find a parsons chair cover that tickles my fancy, these chairs will do! These chairs don't quite fill up the room, so I think that parsons will look great, but til then! I set the table with simple glass chargers, my lightest colored napkins and our crystal glasses. Simple, clean and chic!

Hot damn! I bought a shower curtain! 
I guess putting it out there in the universal to y'all that I wanted something white/floral led me to finding this at Marshalls last week! I really liked the different blues and the silver hints just sealed the deal. THEN I hit up Target for a hat for the beach this weekend and I found two rugs! 

Kitchen Nook
Did I ever show y'all the "gorgeous" black vinyl booth that was in the kitchen?? Is that not the prettiest thing you've EVER seen?!?! Cough Cough. So when we removed it, there was blank space under the window. My uncle created the window seat with storage underneath. Last week my mom was out shopping and hit the cushion/pillow jackpot! Now, y'all just help me decide.... option a or option b for pillows?!?!?

Well I guess its a good thing that we weren't attached to them...cause when I came home from work on Wednesday of last week, they were gone! Truly, they were overgrown and they were growing away from our house toward the sunlight. When we lived here, they were very small and always pruned. Over the years they were not taken care of and were pretty much out of control. Fingers crossed they grow back properly and we can add in a few more.

Guest Room Color Scheme:
So I lied about the colors. I found these curtains, then the pillows and decided that 100% neutral (greys/whites/golds) are the way to go in this room! Now we just need some guests so I can pull the trigger and finish this room. Who wants to come stay!?!?

Fabric Samples! 
"Wayfair youre just what I need!" You know the jingle!! It gets stuck in your head, so why had I never thought about going to their site to look for a sofa!?!? Well, Steven and I found several sofas we liked and they were all "wayfair brand" so you could order samples. The queen of indecisiveness over here decided that A LOT of samples were better than two! Here are our four favorites and the wildcard fabric. The pillow you see is part of the pillow jackpot that my mom hit last week. Steven likes the lighter fabrics and I like the darker, so something in the middle will probably be our compromise.

I think I might have to part ways with these pillows though. While I fell in love with them, and they bring in the coral color from the kitchen, they're just all wrong for the living room. And tying up money in pillows when I haven't even bought a sofa yet is a little crazy.... We are pulling the trigger on the sofa this week! Ekkk!

Latest Garage Addition

Now this kind of happened quickly last week...like in 48 hours quick. Steven already has a "motorcycle", well its more of a street legal dirt bike, they call it a dual-sport. Unfortunately, I can't ride on it. I have before, but its not comfortable, and its top speed is about 62 MPH. Last Monday, Steven came home from work (I was in the bed dealing with sinuses, and I still am a week later) and said to me "I think I am going to get a new motorcycle". I've heard him say this many time before, but this time he was serious. Tuesday evening, I had a meeting and he went to our local Cycle-World because he found this particular bike on the internet. He swore up and down to me when I got home, that it is not a "crotch rocket" (because that is what it looks like), and then I drilled him on how much more it would cost us per year. Well with him being the finance man/negotiator that he is, this new bike will only cost us around $100-$150 more a year to own. Wednesday we went to pick it up. While motorcycle riding is one of the more dangerous hobbies, Steven loves it, and I love that he loves it. We both fit comfortably on this bike and we have some friends that we can ride with! He has already driven it to work and apparently I am getting a helmet as part of my birthday present! I just hope there is room to monogram it! Hahahaha!! 

So, there you have it friends! An update on everything that is going on at #casacaudell!



  1. I like option B for the throw pillows... having the different colors and patterns give it some depth!

  2. WOW, so many fun updates. You had me on the black vinyl, I was like saaaaay what.

    HOT Damn for a motorcycle. I have one that I haven't ridden in years, oops!

  3. Oh my gosh, that black vinyl booth! When we moved when I was 7 into my parents' current house, there was a booth just like that but it was ORANGE! So bad. I think it was the first thing to go! I like option B for pillows!