Monday, April 11, 2016

Life's A Beach

Hey Pretty People! How was everyone's weekend?? We had a great time at the beach and truth be told it was HARD to come to work today. But here I am and are back at it for the week :)

I told Steven a week ago that we were leaving at 9am on Friday morning. By Thursday night I was sounding like a broken record (to him at least) because it was 9:45 and he was out galavanting with the guys after a networking event!!! We pulled out of the driveway at complaints here.

The drive from our house to St. Simons is 5-ish hours (depends on who is driving haha!) but we arrived around 2:15 and our first stop was at Marshside for a beer and to see Steven's friend Zach.
We left Marshside and headed to the village. We piddled around in a few of the shops, then we headed to The Half Shell for (another) beverage and an appetizer! Y'all we had the BEST calamari!! It was fresh, not chewy, lightly-fried. I could keep going on and on about it, but I won't, just make sure you go there if you ever visit SSI!

Afterward, we made a few grocery stops and headed to Steven's moms house. When your mother-in-laws backyard looks like is hard to want to do anything else for the evening!
The only thing that I did not get a picture of is Peggy's pool! So just imagine that to the left of my hand....there is blue water :) Later that evening we did our "island tradition" of going to eat Fancy Q! FQ is a sushi restaurant that we ALWAYS go to and have dinner with Steven's mom. We sat outside and listened to the band that was across the way at Gnat's Landing, enjoyed sake and had a great time!

Saturday morning we had coffee, ate a leisurely breakfast then headed out to the beach around lunch.

Once the tops of my things were beginning to resemble a lobster, we headed over to The King and Prince for beachside beverages! We could have stayed here for the rest of our trip!!! Neither of us have either stayed here and now its on our bucket list! The lobby is large and airy, the bar and bartenders were on-point! We sat inside for a few minutes and just watched them make drinks, now if only every bar/bartender worked as efficiently ;)

Our trip ended with lunch at our favorite place, Southern Soul Barbeque!!! If you follow me on IG then you've already seen all of these pictures (sorry!) but shortly after I posted this.... my food coma commenced.
We love barbeque and Steven is always seeking out BBQ places to try, but Southern Soul has our hearts! I was hooked from the first time we ate there and I cannot wait to fill my belly with it again over the summer!

Cornflake was VERY happy to see us and we ended our weekend with relaxing and eating cereal in bed for dinner haha! Sometimes you just don't want to cook and you've missed your bed!


  1. Food comas are my favorite!!! Those pics look gorgeous. I'm totally a beach person too. So relaxing! And you never want to come back!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! I used to go to St. Simon's all the time when I was little! It's so beautiful!