Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Whats Up Wednesday

I can tell you what is up this Wednesday, mama is tired! Sunday afternoon I took myself on a little shopping date! After finding a shower curtain (whoot!) and a few new clothing pieces I headed to the grocery store, well by the time my buggy was full, my sinuses were in full attack mode. Never in my life have I suffered from sinuses, until now.

Monday, I left work early and laid in the bed til 7:30.
Last night I had a meeting.
Tonight we're going to get Steven's new motorcycle.
Tomorrow I've got a Junior League shift and I need to pack for the beach.

Hell, tomorrow hasn't happened and I am already tired.

Anyway, I'm alive. Steven is good. Cornflake is still sassy. The outside of our house is having some MAJOR landscaping done. We're going to the beach this weekend and you might not hear from me til next week!

So, tah tah for now friends :)

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