Thursday, May 12, 2016

Confessional Thursday!

Literally every time I write my Thursday confessional post title, I sing Usher's Confessions in my head.

** And speaking of Usher....and Nelly.....and Project Pat....and all those late 90's and early 00's rappers, I confess that I LOVE them and Steven HATES them. I wish that he loved the Back That Azz Up station on Pandora as much as I do. Seriously y'all, that station is my jam.

** We've decided that we're FINALLY going to go join the gym on Saturday when Steven gets home. I am already freaking out about when I am actually going to find the time to work out. Is this ridiculous? My heart is just telling me that its time to suck it up sweet cheeks and you have to become a morning work out person. WOOF.

** My aunt and uncle were married 55 years. Y'all, I can't even fathom what she is feeling right now. Steven and I will be married for six months on Saturday and the thought of something happening to him literally makes me sick. I think I would just die. I know that my uncle is no longer suffering - he had (or so the doctors say) Visceral Dementia - but I know that my aunt and cousin are heartbroken. Hug your loved ones today.

** It took me about an hour and a half to take my real estate midterm last night. I walked out and called Steven and told him I was pretty sure I failed. Truly, I had no confidence in my answers. My attitude began to change a little when more people came out from the test and we all began to talk about it. You can just call me ye of little faith, because I got an 88 on my test!! How your grade is calculated is that its 50/50 half midterm, half final. Basically I've got to study my tush off for the next two weeks in order get another 88 on the final!!

** I can already tell you the first thing I will buy myself with first commission check.... a new Louis. After that though, I'll be making more financially sound adding to savings, paying off Steven's tahoe early and buying a new dishwasher because I hate ours. But that is a whole other story haha! I've got some major hurdles to jump first, but its always good to have a goal(s).

** Who has bitmoji installed on their phone? I find myself wasting too much time searching for the perfect bitmoji to respond with.!!! However there is a taco one and huge wine glass one, bitmojis after my own heart.

** Confessional over! Don't forget to link up with Danielle and Lynn today to get your confessions off your chest!


  1. Ugh. I hate working out in the morning, but you feel so good after it. Congrats on your test score. You got this for your final!!! And definitely a good reminder to hug your loved ones because you never know when it is the last time. Thanks for linking up today!!!

  2. Yay you!! Yay Louis I bought my CL shoes with my first lawyer paycheck, now I never wear them.

  3. 55 years! How amazing! Will keep your family in my prayers! I'm sure you did better than you thought on your exam but that's the worst feeling ever!!!

  4. Yay! SO happy for you that you did well on your midterm! I always felt like I failed tests in college and then I would always do much better than I thought lol. I totally feel ya on the bitmoji problem. I spend forever finding the perfect one! lol