Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Day In The Life of Cornflake

It is no secret that I love my our cat. She has her own Instagram. I call her my baby and she might have jealousy issues once we get an actual baby. But we'll cross that bridge later.

I love a good 'day in life' post, so why not share what a day in the life of Cornflake is like? I mean she does rule the roost around here.....


5:30-6:30ish -- Whhhhhyyyyyy is dad's alarm going off so damn early? I can't complain, he buys the meow mix that goes in my bowl. But I am not getting up til mom does!!
6:45 -- Are you getting up yet mom? I'm ready to go out side.... well this morning I'm ready to go outside. Tomorrow may be another story. Time to chase down breakfast.

8:30ish -- Goodness she can yell my name loud! Coming Mom! Coming!!! Look mom! I caught breakfast! Wha? What? This is not an acceptable breakfast? No! I am not putting this down. Fine. Damnit, fine, I'll put it down. Meow mix it is....
9:00 -- MOM!! I have eaten to where I can see the bottom of my bowl! This is unacceptable! Fill me up before you leave! NOW!

9:15 -- Moms gone. House is quiet. Time to go lay in the sun in the office and take my morning nap.

11:00 -- What a good nap!!! Its time to find a mousey! Off to the den I go!!
11:03 -- Whew! That was a nice 3 minutes of catnip.

11:04 -- Little morning snack.

11:08 -- Head back to the den, for today's nap I think I'll sleep in the chair.

11:09-3:00 -- Oh that afternoon nap! So good! Now its snack time and time-biding til dad gets home.

4:42 -- Is the door opening?!? Is that Dad? YES! Finally, he can scratch this spot on my back that has been killing

4:43 -- When is mom coming home? Pet me! Feed me! Ah, you're going to sit on the sofa? Here, let me get all up in your personal business since I've not been scratched or been told I'm a pretty girl in like 8 hours.

6:00 -- Moms home!!! Gah why is she always carrying so many bags.....wait? is that what I think it is? That heavenly smell?? SHES GOT CHICKEN. Oh I'm not leaving her side! My favorite! My favorite!

6:05 -- Mom is holding the door open, do I want to go out? Yes, No, Yes! Off for an evening jaunt! I'm going to go visit the neighbors, go check out well house, and see if that sneaky black cat is coming around my house again! Oh no honey, this is my house! They had better back off!

8:30 -- Seriously how do humans yell that loud? I can hear her all the way in the woods. No signs of the black cat. Time to go relax inside..... where there is chicken!

8:31 -- YES! They love me! They really love me! Pardon me while I scarf this down like its my last meal.

8:35 -- Join mom and dad in the den. They're watching some ridiculous show on TV, but I need them to pay attention to me! I will now walk all over them and settle on whichever one pets me most. Tonight, its dad. Don't worry mom, I'm sleeping on your back tonight to make up for this lack of petting situation that is going on...

8:39 -- Op! There's Freddie! Let me go tell him hi! FREDDIE!!! Freddie! Whats up friend? Once again I have asked my parents to let you in, but they keep saying something about warts?
10:00ish -- The parentals are going to bed. I guess I'm tired? I'll go too. MOM!! MOM! Don't forget to fill up my food bowl! I plan on having a midnight snack tonight!

10:00-11:00 -- Go back and forth in between pettings. Dad turns off the tv and mom has turned on to her stomach! Atop her back I will sleep!


There you have it folks, a day in the life of Princess Flake of the Corn! Don't forget to follow all of her kitty cat shenanigans on Instagram, @cornflakecaudell.

Yes, I realize I am completely nuts.

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