Thursday, May 19, 2016

Confess-sesh Thursday!

Confess, grab the button and link up with Danielle and Lynn today! 

** I can act like an adult in the middle of the night now.....because we now have BLINDS! Wooohoooooo! No more thinking that the mothman or the scream mask or some kind of monster will be staring back at me through the window at 2am when I get up to get some water! 
** Said blind installation happened this morning and I stayed during the process. Steven was also home preparing for a board meeting that he has this afternoon, so we got spend a little time together this morning! And by time I mean, I was doing laundry and posting to the internet for work and he was on a conference call across from me in the living room, but hey, we were together! 

** Night classes are beginning to take a toll on me. This week has been especially rough because Tuesday night I had a junior league meeting and tonight I've got cancer auxiliary. No time at home. Luckily the only thing we have planned for the weekend is my cousin's graduation, so can you say Bed+Netflix+Takeout?? I have a lot of respect for those who are in school at night! I'll be finished in July, so there is a light at the tunnel for me, but mad props to those who are on a semester schedule! I don't necessarily feel ALL of these emotions at one time, but I have felt ALL of them lately! 
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** Tomorrow will be my 250th post!! This is 249....I know that I have promised a giveaway, and its coming, it just might not be tomorrow. Looking more like next week :) So stay tuned for that! 

** Confess-sesh over!

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