Monday, February 1, 2016

Wait, February Is Here?

There is a part of me that is expecting January to last another week!! When I think back on the month, it seems like it was SO long!! So now I am all..."Wait, February is here?". But alas, it is and on the way to lunch today I thought about a few more goals that I would like to accomplish this month outside of saving money and slowly starting to pack for our move! Let's check them out shall we?

1) We need a new sofa for the game/media room. This room also required another TV.... so upon further discussion, we agreed that Steven would buy the TV (the more expensive purchase) and I would buy the sofa. We have chosen the Ikea Ektrop sofa, which I am excited about because it won't break the bank! My initial reaction/thought process was to just put it on my credit card and worry about paying it off the next month. But this thought is not smart.....especially when you're trying to pay off your credit card. So, I have started stashing cash back each week and my goal is to have enough saved by the end of the month of fully pay for it!

2) On Valentine's Day we will have been married for three months!!! And guess how many thank you notes I've actually sat down and written.....11. Truth be told, it is kind of embarrassing and I really need to get to working on it!

3) I want to (try*) and take Steven on a date this month! Sure we have been on a few nice dates (we even had a date-night staycation) since we've been married, but I want to pay for EVERYTHING on the date. He really does do so much for me and I want him to know just how much I appreciate it all. Now the asterisk is beside this because the date may or may not happen this month with us moving. Initially my parents were going to have a professional install the flooring, but upon further review, if we do the flooring ourselves, the labor amount saved will allow for the purchase of new appliances for the kitchen. Well.....hand me some knee pads and the rubber sledgehammer, because I will happily put in the laminate if that means new appliances!!!!!! This is also how I know I am old....getting excited about a new stove/dishwasher etc etc.

4 & 5) Steven: If you could have your dream job what would it be? 
Me: To open up my store!!!! 
Steven: Well we're broke and really can't afford to be down an income and get in to debt for what is your second choice?
Me: .......uhhhhh........... crickets chirp. 

Truth be told, I have no clue what I want do with my life. I have had the same job since college (going on six years now) and I am "comfortable". That isn't to say that I don't like coming to my job every day, because I do, but it is really time for me to break out of my comfort zone. I am really envious of Steven because he has a career. In a few months he is up for a "promotion" (for lack of a better term) and after this promotion, it will make him so much more employable to other government and financial agencies. He has several different routes he could take if he wanted to get another job and I want that too!!!!! I want a career. 

Well what is that career? No clue. I've started a career board on Pinterest with articles about finding your passion and career development and things that recruiters/employers look for. I plan to spend some time reading and soul searching and trying to narrow down a place to start, so that I can begin the search for a new job. I'll be 30 in April....its about time I figured out what I want to do when I "grow up" right??

And you know, I may never find exactly what I want to do because I have the entrepreneurial spirit in me! I think about my store all the time! And at the end of the day, my store is my long term goal!!! But I need some short term goals too! A short term (job) goal that brings in the money, haha! 

So, there you have it friends, my goals for February!! Now that I read this, I have a lot to accomplish! Bring on the coffee :)


  1. Ok we need to chat career. And I changed my career goal three years post grad so its can be done. What do you do now? What is your degree and besides your open store what do you love? Just call me gal-pal big sister Lynn.

  2. I get excited about home stuff too! We are remodeling so every time we get something new or get something painted I'm like super pumped!! I read the 40 day soul fast by I think Cindy Trimm or Timm. It was really a great read, might be helpful in your soul searching. :)