Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter White Table + Go-To Wine

Hey Y'all! Happy Thirsty Thursday! 

Who loves a good tablescape? ME! That's who! In the past six months I have put more thought into our dining room table decor than I ever thought I would. Perhaps it is just a pushing 30 thing? Perhaps it is all the wonderful dishes, chargers and accessories we received for wedding gifts? Or perhaps it is that I am turning into my mother!! 

Growing up, our dining room table was always set, and it was typically changed out for the seasons. So combine the familiarity of a well dressed table and my love for winter white and you get this...

Since we moved in to #clubcaudellcircle, I've kept the table decorated, but always with color ....

But now, I don't think that I will EVER put color on the able again! I feel like my table looks when I have on a all white outfit, so chic! What are your thoughts?? 

For the longest time, Rex Goliath Merlot was my go-to (aka el cheapo, have two bottles on hand) wine. 
The last time I grabbed a bottle of this, it wasn't the same. The label and packaging were different and it did not go down nearly as smoothly as it did before. Enter my new go-to, Big Bold Red. 
It has a hint of sweetness to it, with the legs of a Cabernet. Not to mention, it is really great if it is slightly chilled! I have a bottle, vacuum sealer and this will last for three days on the counter. Not that wine typically lasts that long at our house, but if you're a "one glass a night" kinda gal, this is perfect!

I can tell you that I'll be having a glass of BBR tonight while whipping up these burgers and brussel sprouts for dinner! What's your go-to wine?

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