Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nachos, Margs and a Dusting!

Friday night we "hunkered down" for the massive 2" inches of snow that the weather man was predicting!! I mean 2" is A LOT of snow and we we had to be prepared just in case the town shut down and the roads were too icy! Y'all snow literally does shut down the south, I'm not joking.

I shared my "southern snowed essetials" last week, and I was planning on making spaghetti, however after P!nky told me that she made nachos when there was a chance of snow, I changed my menu! Then, champagne margaritas came across my Pinterest home screen and I KNEW exactly what I had to make! Gotta love it when ideas come together! I knew that I did not want to make traditional nachos, so let me introduce to white nachos! (Not be considered "racist" in this midst of all this Oscar hooplah! haha!)

(1) bag of Tostitos original chips
1lb. Chicken tenderloins
(1) Can of pinto beans
Shredded monterrey jack jalapeno cheese
1/2 pack of hot taco seasoning
1/4 head of chopped cilantro
Diced, pickled jalapenos to taste

I cut the chicken with food scissors, tossed it in the skillet and added a little water, olive oil and taco seasoning. Cook thoroughly. Line cast iron skillet with tin foil. Layer chips, chicken, beans, cilantro, jalapenos and cheese. Then repeat so you have double decker nachos! Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. I checked these at 10 and they needed a little more time (also our oven is not that great) and if my memory serves me correctly I took them out around 18 minutes or so.

While these babies were warming up in the oven, I made us margaritas! Steven and I like margaritas and we love to experiment with the lime "base". Other than this recipe (which is now my personal favorite) THIS mix is the bees knees. Click here for the 40 Aprons recipe where I got my idea for the margs from!
Juice of one lime
Two shots of tequila
One shot of simple syrup (I measured it in the shot glass and poured it into the shaker)
Prosecco or Champs, preferably a Brut or Dry.

I shook the tequila, syrup, and juice in a martini shaker, poured over ice and topped off the glass with prosecco! So delicious and fresh!!! And since the syrup and lime were fresh, I didn't feel too guilty about how many calories it has in it! Let me know if you try the nacho or margarita recipe!! I want to know of others loved it as much as we did.

After the margs were finished and we devoured the nachos, we settled in on the sofa for a movie, in which I fell asleep about 30 minutes into it! There was a light dusting when we went to bed, but when I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't sleep due to my cold, I could tell that the snowing was over.

The next morning I forced myself to go outside and take a few pictures before it all melted.

The rest of our weekend was spent like this:

I am still battling a nasty cold today, and other than Saturday morning, this is the worst I've felt. Can you overdose on Advil cold and sinus and vitamin c? If someone drew my blood right now that is all they would find, well that and coffee!

Also, doesn't Cornflake looks extra fluffy in this picture?? Well that's because she got a bath on Friday night. Yep, we lost our minds and bathed her. Have you ever bathed a cat? WOOF! Our little girl is highly, highly, highly allergic to fleas and she was not responding to her flea treatment like she usually does, and after finding about five fleas on her we decided to give her a flea bath. We do not have any carpet in our house, but we do have rugs and we did not want to risk a flea infestation, especially when we are about to move in a few weeks. After about an hour and a dozen treats later, she forgave us and settled in on my lap.

That friends, was our weekend :)

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  1. YAY Nacho party! Yours look super delicious and I wish I had made a margarita now. Such a perfect match!

    BTW, your snow is super pretty!