Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday!

Hey y'all!!! Linking up with Jenn and Jessi today for What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday! 

On Sunday the girls and I got together for brunch to celebrate Lori and the upcoming arrival of baby Lawson! I missed Lori's shower a few weeks ago because my sinuses where on the attack, but I am glad I got to celebrate this time around. My friend Katie and I hosted the brunch at Five Bar downtown and I made this cute little diaper centerpiece.

 I had every intention of making a diaper cake...until I found out how many diapers it required and the amount of hot glue. Mama is not crafty and so the "wreath" was more my speed! Looking at it again, I think I would do a double layer of diapers to fill it in, but overall it was super cute AND I popped in this candle for a picture! If you had a long table with food, this would be perfect with two on either side of a centerpiece!

Have you seen these pretty little velvet boxes floating around Pinterest and Wedding Instagrams?
Style Me Pretty//Diamonds in the Library//Polka Dot Bride

They're called The Mrs. Box  and I need one! I don't drop hints at Steven, I prefer to drop bombs, that way he doesn't have to worry about knowing what I want haha!!! My 30th birthday is quickly approaching and so one of these is on the list. I don't sleep with my rings on, so I keep them in a box on my nightsand. Since we're about to move and have fancy new nightstand decor, I need fancy box right? Steven would say that my logic doesn't make any sense, but you ladies know what I mean ;) 

My dad was on TV Saturday night!!!! Last week my dad flew out to Scottsdale, Arizona with some of his friends to the Barrett Jackson car auction. His good friend Chris was selling is Boss 429 Mustang at the auction! Unless you knew it was Johnny and Chris on stage, it was no big deal to you, but they had a great time and now I can say my dad was on TV haha! He has his hands on his hips in the second picture, and the guy to his right (also wearing sunglasses indoors) is Chris the owner of the car!

And lastly....Cornflake helped me get ready this morning. Well not really but it was raining like the end of days, thundering like no other and so she came in the bathroom with me. Then she proceeded to throw up in the floor. Yay. She is guilty of eating too fast and not chewing, something I believe she inherited from Steven haha!

That's whats hap-pinning over here today!!


  1. Go daddy on your TV debut and cornflake slow down!

  2. Those ring boxes are too cute!! Love it!!

  3. I love those ring boxes! So cute :) Do you like the Too Faced HangoverX? I've debated trying it lately

  4. What an adorable wreath, lady! Super cute idea. those ring boxes are lovely!I think I need one too!