Thursday, February 4, 2016


My cursor has been flashing for the past two hours since I've had blogger open. In my mind I had this post written about wanting new sneakers/atheleisure wear but I just can't get it all together.

Yesterday afternoon I thought that one of my side diamonds was loose in my engagement ring. Turns out it has fallen out. No biggie, it has a warranty.

My parents left for a "business trip" yesterday afternoon. It took them 6 hours to reach their destination when it should have taken 3.5. You can call this a trip, but its this huge swap meet where we go to sell parts every year, and have been doing so for almost 15 years. As my parents were nearing their exit off of the interstate, the transmission of my dads truck began to malfunction. They were able to go at slow speeds, but nothing faster than 45 MPH, imagine going that slow and towing a 24 foot car trailer behind you. When they were about an hour away from their destination, they stopped to get a snack and let the truck cool down. After about 15 minutes, they cranked the truck up and everything was back to normal, but as they were getting very close to their destination, they came upon a wreck and the highway was closed.

As it turns out, the wreck had happened about 30 minutes before and it was a fatal accident. The man who passed away was 60, my parents age.

They couldn't help but feel that the transmission "incident" was their guardian angel looking out for them on that stretch of highway. It is very hard to stop a heavy duty truck and car trailer....

I can't help but think of that man's family today, nor can I stop thinking about the other person involved.

So send up a little prayer for those people today!

And while we're at the praying thing....

My sorority big sister, Lisa, her husband is battling his third round of Leukemia. Yes, third. Karl is 32, and they have a four year old daughter, Amelia. PLEASE, say a prayer and send good vibes their way. Last week he was admitted to MD Anderson in Houston. Right now Amelia is out there with them and Karl started his chemo treatments yesterday. He has a CaringBridge, click here to read. She'll get to stay with them until Saturday, then return to Georgia. God has been good to them since he got out there and they are feeling very strongly that it was God's plan to get them to Houston.

......and I was complaining about a diamond falling out.

Love your husbands, kiss your babies, say your "i love yous" and give thanks to God for all the GOOD in your life!


  1. I remember hearing the quote 'If we threw our problems in a pile with other people's we'd all grab our own back' and it's something I try to keep in my head when I need perspective. I am so so so glad your family is okay, we had a car situation like that keep us safe too, so crazy that something you curse becomes your saving grace so quickly.

    Prayers for your sorority sister's husband and prayers of strength for her and her lil one. <3

  2. Love you friend. And yes angels are among us and they were there for your parents. Have a fab weekend.