Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Date Night Staycation!!

Steven and I did a lot of work around our house on Saturday, meaning I finally took down all the Christmas decorations. After everything was neatly packed away, we decided to go check out the attic space of our new house. Lawd-a-mercy! Apparently previous renters decided that they didn't need to clean out the attic when they moved out. We found a hospital shower bench...weird. A very Chucky-esque baby doll, teaching materials and a Katy Perry CD. We bagged all the trash, shop vacc-ed the floors, donated the hospital bench to a local organization and then we put all our Christmas up!

On our way home, Steven told me that he wanted to do a date night, which was music to my ears :) He was quiet for a minute then said "I think I have enough hotel points for a free night!". Well, guess what? He did!!!! We quickly got ready and headed to the Hilton Garden Inn downtown!

We enjoyed a few adult beverages and then headed out for sushi! 

After we sat down and ordered, we realized that we had not eaten sushi (other than a sushi app on our honeymoon) since July 4th weekend! I mean who goes that LONG without eating sushi?!??! Needless to say, we cleaned our plate. Next we headed to The World Famous for Chupacabras!!!! Its a spicy, tequila based drink that we both love. While we were there we ran into our friends Jen and Cam and we hung out with them for a while.

After World Famous we headed to Allgood, our last stop of the night, to play pool and enjoy their beer selection. Allgood is pretty much our favorite place, but its Steven's favorite because they have so many beers to choose from!

Around 1:30ish we decided to call it quits. We were totally acting like we were in college again. On the way back to the hotel there is this place called R.U. Hungry and they make sandwiches and we decided that we needed one....MISTAKE. I have never been so angry at a college kid before. This place serves hot and cold sandwiches, well we got a cold sandwich to share. After 20 minutes passes and literally every number before and after us has been called, I go to counter and ask what was taking so long. The kid replies "customers who order cold sandwiches, those get made slower because hot sandwiches can burn so those customers get served first". I looked at him and said "Are you shitting me? That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard! We WANT our sandwich!!!".

We got our sandwich. I blame my sassiness on the tequila.

Sunday morning we woke to what looked like snow clouds! But they were really just "its 21* and I'm going to make you think it will snow clouds".

So ladylike!
The rest of our day/afternoon was filled with Cornflake snuggles, Netflix watching and a trip to the grocery store. We started watching Ascension, which was a mini-series on SyFy, and we finished it last night. Apparently SyFy didn't renew it for a second season and I am SO MAD. It just left you hanging and it was so open ended, I mean you know that it was meant for a second season!!!! Grrrrrr. Here's to hoping that Netflix will pick it up! And that friends was our date night staycation!


  1. Cornflake! Love a good date night, soak them in lady soak them in or up... whatever you get my point.

  2. What a fun date night, cheers to free points. And the sandwich thing, what the heck, who does that?

  3. Sounds like a great date night! Probably just what y'all need before all the big work sets in!