Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Exterior

Before I go in to this post - and I'm sure that you know this, but I have to say it for me - I want you to know that our house did not look like this when I grew up. We always had a perfect lawn with beautiful trees and my mom ALWAYS had gorgeous flowers planted. The previous renters treated our house like crap and these photos reflect that....

Oh boy, where do I even begin? I guess I can start with the front of the house and move around to the pool deck.

Front: As you can tell, the landscaping needs a little attention. There are dead bushes, a walk way that was given a poor border? I don't know if you can even call it that? But there are random monkey bushes planted along with brick pavers that are too tall and don't match the house. The two large bushes that line either side of the stone front, the need to be trimmed to be the same height and width. The azalea bush that was originally growing on a trellis, has now taken over the side entry and the walk way - WOOF. Also, whoever attempted to DIY landscape the front of the house, put down TONS of the black sheeting, meaning ALL of the grass (that grew naturally mind you) is dead. Hot mess area numero uno.

Fence and pool deck: We're missing a fence. It was rotted and no one found it important to tell my dad. So there were pieces missing, their dog had RAN through it causing a hole and bushes growing through it. Meet the second hot mess area numero dos. The plan is to have it replaced with the same thing that was there before and when the exterior of the house gets painted, the fence will match it.

Back in the day, I was convinced I was a fish. I mean who wouldn't be with a pool this size???? About three years ago my dad had to fill in the pool. The walls were beginning to rot and the current renter (not the people who just moved out) no longer wanted to maintain it. Enter filled in pool. He also left the diving board.....random. The diving board is the first thing I plan to remove on Saturday morning!!!!! The plan for this area is to remove the arbor, pressure wash the concrete, have the dirt leveled out and then fill the remaining area with sand. We're going to have a Bochee Ball court! This area is going to be so great for entertaining!!! I am very excited about summer barbecues! However, until any work happens, let me introduce you to hot mess area numero tres. 

Right here there used to be a BEAUTIFUL Cherry tree! The window you see was my bedroom, so during the spring I always had blooms to look at!! Unfortunately, the tree became too large and the roots grew under the stone walk way causing it to crack in the middle. Right now it is very, very, very easy to trip due to the several areas where it is uneven, so I am honestly not sure what is going to happen here. Numero quatro.

Meet the backyard and dog fence. It is just a back yard.... nothing fancy. Once we do get at dog though, it will be nice to be able to leave him/her outside in the fence and we don't have worry about him/her running off.

Steven has A LOT of grass to cut!!!!

Ok. So you're probably thinking "holy shit that is a lot of work". Well, you're right, it is. The thought of everything that needs to be done is very overwhelming!!!! But, we have to start somewhere and we have chosen the exterior. I don't want to be pulling up to a nice house on the inside, with an exterior that looks like some paupers live there!

Our plan is get up bright and early on Saturday morning, armed with work gloves, shovels, trash cans, a wheelbarrow and some brown liquor. The brown liquor will be for when we're finished ;) Wish us luck!

Come back tomorrow for the interior reveal!


  1. Wowza, I can't believe the renters did that much damage. I think it's great that you are starting with the outside! Come spring/summer I can foresee a lot of entertaining in your future and even if the inside may not be done you'll have a great outside! Can't wait to watch the progress! Good luck this weekend

  2. Those people really didn't know how to take care of a home, huh? I can see why you loved growing up there though, so much potential and the yard, so big!