Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Interior

You came back today? Good! I am glad that you aren't cowering a corner, scared for Steven and I and ALLLLLL that exterior work that needs to be done! What needs to happen in the interior of the house is mostly cosmetic. Luckily for y'all I do have a few "before" photos from a few years ago when I advertised the house for rent.

Dining Room
View of living room from the hearth


Guest Room

Guest room 2/office
For the interior, we do have a gameplan!!! The hard part is now finding companies that fit in with our timeline and budget.

Living Room - Neutral paint on the walls. New carpeting.
Kitchen - New stove (its black everything else is white). Cabinets are being painted white again with a brown/grey stain and oil rubbed bronze handles and pulls. Beadboard back splash. Grey walls.
Kitchen and Dining Room Flooring - Dark laminate "hardwood"
Master Bedroom - Greige paint. Updated vanity. Wallpaper in bathroom.
Guest Rooms - No paint color change.
Guest Bath - Update vanity. Wallpaper.
Gameroom - I can't decide if I want to take the room blue or grey..... Suggestions? Dark laminate "hardwood"
Every.Single.Room - Painted trim and doors!!! We're bringing this house in to the 2000's with white trim! Wooohooooo!

I just mentioned the word budget and I want to be clear on this moving forward. 90% of the work being done on the house is being funded by my parents. The money had already been set aside for the work, this a rental house and obviously no one can live in it the way it sits right now. I'm telling y'all that because I want to be honest. There are things that Steven and I will be contributing toward, but not all of it, that would be pointless. A part of me that feels guilty, I know that I shouldn't, the money has to be spent. If its not, the house will sit empty and my parents will bring in NO income from it. So I have to remind myself that Steven and I will be the ideal tenants and my parents know that we will treat the house like our own. We'll maintain the yards, not let Cornflake pee on the carpet and if something is leaking, Daddy will be called!

So there it is folks! The interior! Which now after having written this post it doesn't seem nearly as scary as the exterior haha!! I'll be back tomorrow with guest room design inspiration, a run down of my favorite grey/greige paints and I'll be asking your advice on selecting a color! Happy Thirsty Thursday :)


  1. Love love. Cannot wait to see what you all do. I love all things grey/blue and love "hardwood" so much more durable especially in a rental.

  2. Just read back through the house post!! I can imagine that would be a little odd living in your childhood home again but, it is also going to be awesome!!! There is certainly a lot of work to be done but, y'all can definitely get it done!! Excited to see how everything turns out!!