Friday, January 15, 2016

Five Rooms To Decorate!

Friday you sexy beast! I sure am glad to see you!! If you've been following me this past week then you know I've shared that we're moving and the interior and exterior need some work! In true female fashion I have been pinning and online window shopping like a feign this week! So what better way to show you my main five room "inspirations" than by linking up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday! Grab the button, link to one of their blogs and find followers and other blogs to follow! Voila!
1) Warm Neutral Living Room -- We have THIS Sherrill sofa. I like (not love) this sofa, however it is wonderfully made and when you've got a sofa this nice, you make it work. Right now our living room has a gold/red/black/brown theme going on and I do not want to see one stitch of red in our new house other than our UGA flag flying outside. With that said, in between our gold sofa and warm, rich cherry wood coffee and end tables, I want the room to feel warm and neutral. I'm not wanting a lot of color, other than in the drapes and or rug so that I can pull out an accent color.
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2) Soothing Guest Room -- I plan to drop some money on this room after we recoup from buying a TV and sofa!! I really love an all white bedding/bedroom, however I think that it is impractical for the everyday. You sleep on it, touch the duvet and pillows (with dirty hands more than likely) constantly and sometimes you even eat in it. I can just see it now, a fabulous white duvet from Pottery Barn and Steven drops a piece of pizza on it at 12:30am and its ruined. BBBUUUUTTTTTT all white bedding will be great for a guest room! Also, I am really loving THIS headboard for $229!!!

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3) The Dining Room -- Click HERE to see my design inspiration that was from a few weeks ago. However, now that I have decided on the living room scheme, I might have to nix the apple green. In this house the dining room and living room are somewhat open to each other, so I will have to be careful with the green tones I use, they'll have to have more brown undertones. What are your thoughts on this green color palate?
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4) Steven's Office -- A few weeks ago my mom and I stopped in the local thrift store. Occasionally they have some nice furniture pieces that can be redone and Steven is in need of a desk. Well low and behold they had an executive desk!! Granted it needs some TLC, but when you have two uncles who own a cabinetry business, they can do anything "wood". I know I've mentioned this before, but Steven's stepdad is an artist, and his specialty is nature and landscapes. We have a lot of his artwork in our house - and I love it - but some of it can feel masculine. So....I am thinking that it would be perfect in Steven's office. This room will be exclusively his because he does work from home A LOT and I want it to reflect him. Pretty sure I can't convince my mom to paint that room brown, but I LOVE this office!
5) Laundry Room -- This is how I know I'm getting old.....I am PUMPED about having a full fledged laundry room! The room is designed with a cabinet between the washer and dryer with storage above as well. So I wouldn't say I have any design "inspiration"for this room, I have just found a couple of "hacks" that I think would make this room even more functional. We're also considering putting our "beer fridge" in this room if we don't move it into the garage! And this will be Cornflake's room too AKA litterbox and food storage.
Southern Hospitality

Centsational Girl

Right Up My Alley
So what do y'all think?? Where do you for design inspiration other that Pinterest? Got a great tried and true decor blog? Send the address my way!!!!! I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I love the idea of white bedding in the guest room. I agree with you that it seems impractical for a master bedroom but for a room that isn't used everyday it would be awesome! :)