Monday, January 18, 2016

You Better Work!!

Alllll Saturday morning long I sang Britney Spears Work Bitch to myself as I was digging up monkey grass and ripping plastic sheeting. In case you're wondering I am still store! Woof! Let's dive into the weekend shall we??

I am pretty sure that Noahs ark floated by on Friday morning. The weather was just awful, but then again it made for this sweet picture of Cornflake.

Please let me know if you hate seeing pictures of Cornflake. I know that I am obsessed with my cat, but you might not be, so let me know if I need to pump the brakes on the cat pictures haha!!

Friday afternoon I got the best email EVER.....WEDDING PHOTOS!!!!!! I pretty much died and went to Melissa Pepin heaven on Friday when I got home from work! Steven and I poured an adult beverage, settled into the sofa and started looking!

The photos are everything I expected and more!!! It was so wonderful to relive this day through photographs and I cannot WAIT to print some of them off to hang on the walls of our new house! After I was able to pull myself away from the computer, I made THIS pasta bake (plus some cream cheese and marinara sauce) for dinner and it was delish!

Saturday morning, I woke up to a sick husband. Steven wasn't feeling well at all and we were supposed to go meet my parents to work on the house. After some coffee, I got ready to head out to the house and I convinced him to take some medicine and have coffee. It did the trick! He felt good enough to come work. We got started around 10:30 and worked until around 4!!

Does anyone else have a Yeti Rambler and love it as much as we do??? We took these cups on our honeymoon and it kept the Banana Mamas cold for hours!! It works the same way for warm liquids as well. I believe I poured our cups around 10 and at 3 I took a sip of my coffee and it was still warm. Now was it as warm as when I poured it? No, but still 100% drinkable! Click HERE to read up on all Yeti products and if you want to purchase one, then you can :)

Just in case you forgot how much of a hot the exterior and landscaping of the house was, let me refresh your memory....

Yes, he is mowing the "pool" haha!
My mom and I also did some interior "work" and we selected a paint color! Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams!! All of the rooms are going to need updated outlets and light switches, everything is currently almond, and with the new white trim, it isn't going to look very good. Now who is an electrician that wants to come to Georgia and help out with that little project?!?! ;)

The way that the light was coming in through the windows, it looks very cream/beige, but its gray!! It does have taupe/brown undertones, which I like because while I want the house to be gray, I don't want it to feel cold.

As we were leaving that afternoon, I felt really good about all the progress we made! The front of the house looks a MILLION times better and I can't wait to do a little more work i.e. shaping up the big landscaping!

Sunday was just like any other Sunday we have, relaxing and netflixing. We started watching Making a Murderer, I worked on some of our wedding thank you notes and that was really about it. I wasted three thank you notes trying to write one to some of his parents' friends. He came up with this hilarious note on one of mine that I messed up. Gotta love the man's sense of humor!

That friends was our weekend! 

PS - I know that a lot of bloggers have the affiliate links notification at the bottom of their blogs. I wanted to let y'all know that I DO NOT receive any kind of compensation from putting links in my posts. If I link something it is because it is relevant to the post or it is something that I absolutely LOVE!


  1. YAY wedding photos!!!!! The best photos!

  2. I LOVE the pictures of Cornflake, (but I'm a cat person)!! Keep them coming! :)

  3. Yay cornflake,love the photos. and yay house progress

  4. Love the photos and that note is hilarious!!