Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Here's the Current 411 at Georgia Glam....
Reading - Levo.com and Cross Justice, by James Patterson

Anticipating - Dare I say the "s" word??? SNOW! It's in the forecast for Friday night! 

Buying - I haven't bought anything since the Lilly Pultizer sale and my plan is to keep it that way until February! I do have two baby shower gifts to buy, but that doesn't count ;) 

Praying - What don't I pray about? Praying for career guidance. Praying for my sick hubby to get better. Praying for a smooth transition into our new house. Praying for Steven's career. Praying for all my new mommy friends. Praying about how I should spend my time outside of our home (who/what I am volunteering for). REJOICE in hope. BE PATIENT in tribulation. BE CONSTANT in prayer. Romans 12:12
Listening - I don't actually think I have a favorite song right now.....I will say that the Yacht Rock station on Pandora always puts me in a good mood. 

Watching - We've been watching a lot of Sci-Fi movies lately. Swordfish. Terminator Genisys. Paycheck

Devouring - Food. Just give me all the food! 
Loving - I think we have FINALLY agreed on the furniture to go in our game/media room in the new house. Does anyone else have an Ikea Ektorp sofaand chair?

Hating - My nails. Ladies, if I have one piece of advice for you, its to STOP wearing gel nail polish!! My nails are paper thin, tearing past the quick, weak and gross. I wore gel for over a year straight and I am paying for it! Yes, regular nail polish sucks, but so does an infected finger from where the nail tore so far down. 

Wanting, Hoping, Wishing -Wanting to be somewhere warm. Hoping for snow. Wishing we had won the lottery this past weekend! Haha! 

Feeling - In the grand scheme of "things" I am feeling happy and blessed. 


  1. I had to quit wearing gel nails for the same reason!! I will paint my nails every couple of days before I get gel nails again! So sad because they last so long. Snow is in the forecast for us tonight/early in the morning and I'm already dreading it (unless I get a snow day from work lol.) They said it will probably be more ice than snow which is so much worse. Oh well, here's to finally having winter here. We were so spoiled with the warmer weather in December lol so we're paying for it now.

    Love that sofa and chair, looks so cute!

  2. Love this style of post! So fun! I am trying not to buy anything at the moment either... well at least not for me. I need to get on top of figuring out a Valentine's day present for the hubby though!