Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bread + Milk


It is a dreaded word here in Georgia. Ok, so maybe not dreaded, I'm being dramatic, but the word will literally send people into a state of idiocy. People forget how to drive, they clean out the bread shelves and milk? Ha! Good luck getting any if you go after work, you must go on your lunch break.

Which leads me to this......what good does JUST bread and milk do? Are you going to have a milk sandwich? Some bread cereal? Bread and milk fondue?

Bread is only good if you've got peanut butter and jelly to go with it.
Milk is only good if you've got hot coffee to put it in or cereal to pour it on. 

Granted, we don't have any children so perhaps these "essentials" are not essentials to us. So just for the fun of it, I'm going to share with you MY Southern Snowed In essentials...

- Toilet Paper. DUH.
- Wine
- Beer
- Bourbon
- Fire Wood. Just in case the power goes out
- Ingredients to make spaghetti. We love pasta and there is something comforting about spaghetti, especially when its 20* outside and you're snuggled up under a blanket.
- Sausage balls
- Pimento Cheese
- Triscuits
- Bisquick for waffles
- Eggs
- Bacon
- Coffee
- Kale*
- Asparagus*
- Chicken*
- Salad ingredients*

Ok, so there you have it! The essentials you would find at the Caudell household if we were getting snowed in. You might be wondering about those last four ingredients....those are detox for after the snow storm because you've been couped up inside for the past couple of days and have eaten like crap!!!! Haha!

There was a 30% chance of snow from 11am-Noon today and currently the forecast is saying that we'll have snow showers on Friday night into Saturday morning. We shall see. You might bump into me at the local grocery store will all these ingredients in my buggy Friday on my lunch break ;)

What are your snowed in essentials?? Anything I am leaving off my list?


  1. People truly are ridiculous and moronic when it comes to snowy weather. I don't understand the bread thing either. Milk, I get it for hot cocoa, but the other stuff? nope. We usually get stuff to make chili or spaghetti and of course, nachos!

  2. It only ever gets to the high 40's here so snow isn't really a problem lol. If it did snow I would stock up on wine, ground beef (you can make a million things with that), and chips & salsa. I could survive off those things :)

  3. It's the same here in Alabama! Stay safe :)

  4. This is literally 100% accurate and 100% perfection haha however, I think something really is going to hit us here in VA snow wise but people are acting absolutely cray!!!