Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello December!

And just like that....December is here! I swear it feels like yesterday when I wrote my November Goals post. I am proud to report that I did accomplish a few of the goals :)

1) Loose a few pounds - HA!
2) Make two freezer meals - Didn't happen!
3) Clean out and pack up guest room -- SUCCESS!
These are all my summer dresses and shoes that were in the guest room closet!
4) Buy two Christmas gifts  -- I've actually bought THREE!
5) Bake for the Mister - Does something for breakfast count as baking? haha
6) New anti-wrinkle cream -- I am seeing a slight improvement with the cream I purchased, but I think I am going to add the day time cream to see if that will yield the results I want.
7) Save MONEY! - BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That one cracks me up.

3 out of 7, could have been better, could also have been much worse!

My MAIN goal in December is to stay sane. In between the move and Christmas, I don't want to set "lofty" goals, but here is what I would like to accomplish:

1) Set up Christmas tree in the living room before we move in. That way we can enjoy it once the boxes are unpacked! I also leave my tree up until the Epiphany so I (we) will get to enjoy it longer!

I am seeing this on our tree! But it will be a "C" instead - Photo via Etsy
2) Start running again. Ok, so this one might seem lofty, but I have to start somewhere and now seems as good of a time as any. Plus if I have some eggnog, I won't feel so guilty about it! 

3) Begin the moving process this week. My linen closet as well as the guest room are already packed, however the Mister has already brought two car loads full of items from his house down south. While it might seem unnecessary for him to be bringing things to my house, then turning around and moving them again to our new house, we are trying to avoid renting a driveable u-haul! With each load he brings that means less items to put in the u-haul. 

That is all folks! Keep my sanity in your prayers...I need it!

Come back tomorrow for an update on what is going on at #clubcaudellcircle!!!!

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