Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello November

Oh, Hello November!! How did you creep up on us so fast?? I personally felt like October flew by so quickly, I'm hoping that November has a bit of a slower pace. Plus, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!!

On my way to work this morning I thought about what I would like to accomplish this month and here are my TOP 7 goals:

1) I have put on a little bit of "love weight". The Mister says that he loves me just like I am, but I have not ran in over a month and my yoga mat is collecting serious dust! I would like to loose the few pounds that I have put on for myself. If you've noticed I did not put a pound limit on it, I just want my stomach to not be so giggly haha!

2) Recently I made two different soups and I put the leftovers in the freezer. On nights when I didn't want to cook, it was so nice to pull it out of the freezer, thaw it and voila there was dinner!

3) I decided I need to get a head start on the move. Granted we have no clue when we are moving yet, ( well we know the area, we just don't have a house ) I don't want to be rushed. My guest room/office does not get a lot of love and I only go in there for my shoe closet, so if I go on ahead an pack it up it will be one less thing I have to do! I plan on going to Wal-Mart or Dollar General this week to snag a few, cheap plastic containers....and I might get some hot pink duct tape :) I mean when else am I going to get to use that?!?!

4) By no means am I rushing Christmas!!!!! I feel like Thanksgiving just gets overshadowed every year, but with the move I would feel better if I could get at least two (or more) gifts crossed off my shopping list.

5)  So I say that I want to drop a few pounds but here I go wanting to bake something sweet for the Mister haha. Contradict myself much? It doesn't have to be something over the top, just a little sweet dish to show him my love. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach right?!?!

6) Y'all, my skin is starting to show a little bit of aging. There are a few lines here and there and I want to put a stop to that. It might seem vain, but I have people ask me all the time if I am still in college and I want to be asked that question two, even three, years from now! I was using Garnier, Anti Wrinkle SPF 15 face lotion, but I am thinking I need something a little more potent. Any recommendations?

7) Save those dollah bills! Seeing as how we are about to have to "make it rain" for rent+security deposit, any extra money to line our wallets with would be great! I have two different "savings accounts" where I stick back extra money. If the money is in my actual account, I will spend it. Out of sight, out of mind for me! How do you save every month?

What are your goals for the month?? Any recommendations for the freezer meals or anti-wrinkle cream? Let a girl know!!!


  1. Your goals sound about the same as mine every month - lose weight and save money = my life! :) Glad I found a fellow Georgia blogger!

  2. I LOVE Kiehl's products! I use their lines and really think they make my face look and feel great. They also have a neat thing where you can find your skin routine based on answers to populated questions.