Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

Hello there! I cannot determine if this week has gone by like molasses or if it has been at warp speed... maybe work is the molasses and my evenings are the warp speed haha. Regardless, the Mister has tomorrow off so he will be at my house when I get finished with Junior League tonight! Whoot!

Here are a few random tidbits that have been floating around my head as of late:

- I drafted a post about my "beef" with 17 month planners. I realized by the end of that post I sounded like a crazy person and the post had no actual point other than the fact that I think 17 month planners are ridiculous. So how do I solve that problem? Only buy 12 month planners from here on out.
Bye Bye Kate Spade
- I have an irrational fear of loud noises. I have even become paranoid of my own house alarm because I fear that I won't be able to get it turned off and the 30 second window will expire and the true burglar alarm will go off. That shit is LOUD.

- Suddenly I have the urge to buy a convertible or two door sports car. My friend Jessica and I were talking about cars yesterday, she and her hubby are considering getting a bigger SUV since they are thinking about having a baby. The Mister and I have talked about children, but they are more in the 4-5 year I keep thinking to myself.....this will be the last chance (for a while) for you to have a fun, no room for a baby seat, let the wind blow through your hair kinda car!

Come to mama!!! Photo Credit
- We have 5 - FIVE - 5 houses to look at on Saturday! And it could even more than that as I am waiting to hear back from two realtors! If we don't find something Saturday, you can find us at Allgood later that evening drowning our sorrows in dirty martinins and high gravity beer.

- Went to Target last night. Didn't buy a single Christmas related item. I high-fived myself as I got in the car.

- Facebook must have some serious cookie trackers on my computer. All they do is show me stories about "how to know you're marrying the right one" - "fifteen questions to ask your bf/gf before you get married" - "men who spend $2000-$4000 on an engagement ring are 60% more likely to get divorced" etc etc etc you get the picture. Those types of articles freak me out, yet I read them anyway. They suck me in and then I hate myself after I've read them. The above mentioned price range, that is the range that the Mister has to spend on my ring (we've been ring shopping ps :) and so it stirs crazy thoughts in my mind.
Last night I had dinner with the girls, and I am so thankful for them. They all told me that those article are shit and that they have NOTHING to do with real life or our situation. It put me at ease, because they also have the same articles on their newsfeeds. No one writer can write about YOUR relationship or YOUR marriage, because it is yours and no one elses. Sure they can spout off statistics, but that is all that it is, a statistic and an opinion. Therefore, after today, I will no longer be clicking on those articles.

- My parents are coming to Athens on Sunday for brunch and then my mom is going to take a few pictures of us on North Campus. I want to have a few nice photos of us that I can blow up for a gallery wall or frame around our new house. AAAAnnnddddd I need a picture for our Christmas card. Killing several birds with one stone :)

And that is the end of this ramble-tidbit-post!

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  1. The planner I bought is 17 months & I didn't know it! But, I'm just going to take those pages out... I can't leave my old planner in the dust like that!! Lol! So many exciting things going on for you girlfriend!! House shopping, ring shopping!!! Ahh!! Exciting!! & your gf's are right - don't read those crap articles! They really are just statistics & not YOUR relationship or your MR! Just believe & trust in what the two of you have together & nothing else matters! Hope you have a great weekend!!!