Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to you! Surprisingly I am NOT singing the Monday blues like I usually am, hopefully this is a sign of a good week to come! Let's recap the weekend, shall we??

The Mister decided to come into town on Thursday night versus Friday. Every other week he has "flex" and he gets Friday off (how nice right??!?!). Shortly after I finished my junior league shift and got home he arrived. Before going home I stopped at the store for beverages. He told me to pick whatever I wanted, just make it good craft beer. Holy Guacamole, I spent 15 minutes starting at the beer case before I saw this beauty....

The Abita variety pack! Talk about an indecisive woman's dream! 

Friday was a normal day for me, while the Mister shopped and ran a few errands for me - he is a keeper I tell you! Coming home after a long week, and he already being at my place is such a wonderful feeling. Opening the door and seeing him sitting there smiling at me is just one of the greatest feelings in the world - less than six weeks til this is happening everyday! And I will quit with the mushy stuff haha.

We headed out to Mexican for dinner and we ran into a guy that we went to school with! Athens is a pretty large town but there is just no telling who you will run into!! Once we got home from dinner, I was asleep on the couch by 9:30, hello grandma!!! This wasn't necessarily a bad thing as we had to get up so early to start the house hunt the next morning.

Our first house appointment was at 10:15am, so we had to leave Athens around 9. Armed with to-go mugs of coffee we took off with high hopes for finding a house!! By 12:30 we were on our way back home. Almost every property was a bust. Deceiving photos once again and tears shed by me. Five properties and a not a single one of them "worked" for us. Either what they were asking for for rent was WAY more than what the house was actually worth or the layout was awful or we were going to compromise on a bad inside for a great yard, but my personal favorite was the house that was already rented but was shown to us anyway in case those people backed out. Yea.

We salvaged what was left of the afternoon and watched our Bulldogs beat the Wildcats, relaxed a bit and then we got ready to go to Terrapin.

Terrapin is an Athens beer company that began in 2002. Since then, they have been dominating the craft beer industry. This year they are set to grow by 43%, the average craft beer company only grows by about 12% per year. I personally love Terrapin beer and I feel like it is such a great part of the Athens community! During the hours that Terrapin is open for tastings they offer a tour and we decided to take it as this was the Mister's first time there! Here are a few quick stats on the brewery...

- The canning line was installed in early 2014 and they can produce 180-200 cans per minute.
- On track to distribute 100,000 kegs in 2014 - essentially this breaks down to 16.5 million 12oz glasses of beer!
- Terrapin is served as far west as Baton Rouge Louisiana and as far north as Maryland and Pennsylvania.
 Sweet glasses huh???

Recreation Ale is our PERSONAL FAVORITE!

Sunday morning I woke to the BIGGEST travesty ever.... no coffee! After having hit downtown for dinner and additional adult beverages after Terrapin, mama needed some coffee!! Not to mention we were having brunch with my parents then getting our picture taken for our Christmas card so I needed really needed the caffeine, as did the Mister!! While I started getting ready, he was sweet enough (smart enough) to go get us some. 

We met my parents at George's Lowcountry Table around 1:30, this is one of my favorite brunch places in town. There is something sooo good about their potatoes! Afterward we headed to UGA's North Campus for photo taking. There are gorgeous old trees, picturesque stone steps and plenty of manicured side walks that are just screaming "take your picture here". I counted five other photo sessions going yesterday as well. I've got a sneaking suspicion that we'll have a nice "blooper reel" to view.

The evening ended with pizza eating and movie watching. Typically on weekends when I go to the Mister's, I stay on Sunday nights and get up super early to come home on Monday mornings. Last night, he pulled this move which resulted in him having to get up at 4am. Whew it was tough, but I set the coffee maker for him so he was able to grab a to-go mug before leaving.

And so.... back to the house hunting drawing board. Up next, cleaning/packing up the office and making room in my closet, just in case I get a roommate for a month or two :)

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