Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Let me start this post by saying that I cried this morning. Over what? Getting the power turned on. That is the level of stress I am feeling right now. I even hung up on my mother and said "I don't want to talk to you right now". I'm an asshole.

It is as if I do not know where to turn. My living room is over running with the Misters stuff and I feel like I cannot drag out my own items (ie the closet that is under my stairs that is quite scary but is housing my Christmas tree). I know that I could pack up my kitchen, cause all I really need is the coffee maker, wine opener and glasses, but then as of right now it's looking like I will be in my townhouse another two weeks.

AHHHHHHHHHHH. Just reading all those borderline run-on sentences about the move stresses me out.

But let's move on and I'll show you the improvements that we've made to our humble abode!

Friday morning we hit Sherwin Williams and Home Depot for sand paper, kilz, paint and rollers. Never did I think that I would be excited to go to HD but I've got a feeling it will become my new favorite place.

My parents, the mister and I got to sanding all the interior doors! The trim of the house is Dover White and the doors were the original brown. We wanted the house to have a more updated feel and this was one way to do it.

sanded - primed - painted
We worked in the house until about 7 and had to call it quits. There are 12 interior doors and every one was sanded and primed when we left, so Saturday all we would have to do is paint.

Saturday morning before coming back to the house, the Mister and I had our final appointment with the jeweler who is designing my ring in Athens. Yep, I've picked out my ring and I know what it will look like. I have had a little bit of push back from people saying that "that is unromantic" or "I can't believe you know" etc etc, well, the Mister said that he wanted me to have exactly what I wanted and he wanted me to LOVE the ring. And I do LOVE the ring and I LOVE him. It is perfect! Yes, I do know what the ring looks like, but I have no CLUE when he is going to ask me....

It took us a while to get into the groove Saturday afternoon at the house. We decided the paint that we had originally gotten was not going to match the trim, so it needed to be tinted, then my nose was running so bad (tmi?) I had to stuff tissue up my nose to stop it haha. So after everything settled down, my mom and I got to painting and my dad and the Mister got to taking down the sliding glass door.

We felt that this sliding glass door in between the living and Florida rooms is just awkward. Personally I think that a French door will look best, but I am going to have to convince the Mister to even put anything back up because he love the open space. Once the door was down, we were blessed to find that all the wood underneath is in wonderful condition!

Sunday I took the Mister to the airport for a work trip to DC. I came back to the house armed with my purple rubber gloves, some comet and a whole container of cleaning supplies! I hate to talk ugly about someone I have never met before, however the people who were in this house before us did not take care of it. I honestly believe that they never cleaned the bathtub or mopped the floors or ever dusted a blind. The bathtub is porcelain and so I was worried about trying to get the stains out of the bottom because you have to use a pumice stone. However I lucked up that it was just diiiiirrrrrrrty and not stained. After that was cleaned I moved on to the tile grout.


That grout....I cleaned with a toothbrush. The health inspector would tell you that you could eat off of the floor its so clean right now.

And since this is our ONLY bathroom, I will continue the toothbrush method, 'cause the combination of hairspray&makeup is gross. Speaking from personal experience haha.

So..... what is up next for #clubcaudellcircle?

- Clean grout in kitchen before fridge gets installed next week - just call me Cinderella.
- Second coat of paint on interior doors
- Paint Master Bedroom
- Set up Christmas tree

- Add flowers to front planters 
- Paint Florida room
- Paint Kitchen (it is currently two colors)
- Get dining room table re-finished and find two additional chairs
- Build firepit 

- Expand back patio
- Create gallery wall in living room
- Replace circa 1992 blinds


Now this is real life and I highly doubt that all this will happen the way that I want it to...but it just might! I am so excited to start this new phase of my life with my Mister!!


  1. Everything that you wrote, sounds exactly like what I was going through two months ago (one month before my wedding). Yes I cried, I hung up on a lot of people and felt awful for it. At the end, everything turned out perfect in my home, and it is now our warm, cozy little adobe! Try to enjoy the process (as you can) because it does mean the beginning of your life with your Mister. Congratulations and good luck!!

    1. Thank you! I do need to try and soak it in occasionally as you are right, this is the beginning of our new life and I need to be excited!