Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

Welp, I haven't cried today, so that is a plus, but the stress level is still sky high and I don't expect it to fall until mid-February. Where's the wine??

But who wants to read a poor-pitiful-me blog post when it is the happiest time of the year?? Not this girl!

- My friend Lindsey who owns Alta Moda boutique in Athens sells Two Peaches Design pillows. They are handcrafted, burlap pillows that are oh so cute and of course are made by two Georgia peaches! Right now they have Christmas pillows and I snagged up this cute "Eat, Drink and be Merry" one!

Can we also talk about how precious Lindsey's dog Birdie is??? She makes the perfect model! Pretty sure she sold all the pillows just from this picture :)

- A few weeks ago I mentioned that the Mister's sister and brother in law were coming into town for the game and then my best friend was coming for the night/weekend. Here a few photos from the festivities!
Dinner at Last Resort
I had asked if anyone had a recipe for an apple cider champagne cocktail, but in the end I just made up my own. Here's the combo:

1/2 Gallon apple cider
2/3 Bottle Jim Beam (I used a fifth bottle)
Champagne to taste.

I mixed the cider and beam up in an insulated coffee server and we poured out of that and then topped off with the champs! We ran out pretty quickly :)

- Did anyone try to upload pictures to Insta on Thanksgiving but it wouldn't work? I tried ALL DAY to upload this picture of us but it wouldn't work, so it is making its debut on le blog today...

- And that's all folks for your Thursday tidbits!

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  1. Birdie is in a blog!!!!! Woo hoo, I showed it to her and she is so excited! Good luck on operation #getafrenchbulldog ✊