Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Today I am thankful.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It could be the eating (hello inner far girl). It could be that come 12:00am after Thanksgiving it means Christmas is OFFICIALLY here. But I really think that it is the 42 people coming to my parents house tomorrow.

Yes, 42, that is not a typo. My mother is one of eight, so that means 42 people are my immediate family only! It is literally a party when we get together! 

I just wanted to share with y'all a few things that I am thankful for:

- A Gracious God
- Supportive and loving parents
- A loving, caring, generous, funny man that I will one day get to call my husband
- My health
- The ability to run
- The job that allows me to put a roof over my head, electricity for heat and food on the table
- Fermentation of grapes and yeast (duh!) haha
- A creative mind to write this blog!
- Technology that allows me to communicate with friends far away
- A best friend who has put up with me over for ten years and isn't going anywhere
- The ability to be able to help those in need - either physically or financially
- My uncle for letting us rent his house and the ability to make it our own (ie painting) while we are there
- My moms spaghetti (seriously, deserted island worthy haha!)

I could keep going but I feel like the more I list, the sillier it will get!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving! Gobble til you Wobble Y'all! 

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