Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Just a few thoughts to leave you with today....

-- I bought spanx for the FIRST and LAST time in my life yesterday. Let's be honest here ladies, unless you are Gisele, its hard to look flawless in a fully sequined dress! However, when you're in a wedding that is 13 days after New Years and 20 days after Christmas, unless you starve yourself, you're not shedding those holiday pounds. I did make an honest effort to cut the carbs last week and watch the calories this week, but I still need my wine. I plan to wear this dress again in March for a black tie event we are attending, so my goal is to NOT have to wear the spanx with it then. #mustworkmycoremore #stopeatingthecarbsfatty #onedayilllooklikegisele
via Suburban Stylista
-- The 100 has taken over our lives. We started the series on New Years Day, there are 3 seasons with the 1st season having 12 episodes and the next two season having 16. We're on episode 5 of the 3rd season. Basically this means we are watching Netflix every night. We've only taken down 1 Christmas tree and the gym has been practically non existent because we're addicted. Click here to watch the season 4 trailer. Don't say that I didn't warn you if you start watching this ;)

-- $9.98 Target flats for the win! Yes, I did just share that our 2017 goal was to pay off our credit card debt, and we will begin doing so in February. In between my medical bills (hello mri's) and our yearly car insurance falling in January along with my yearly REALTOR dues this month was too hard to start the envelope method. I ran in Target yesterday to pick up a card/gift wrap and I couldn't help but do a little window shopping. I mean c'mon y'all its Target! When I saw these babies on clearance, I snagged them up. Steven said had they been $1 more, I would have been "in trouble" haha.
-- I'm about to head out of here to kick off Tara's wedding weekend!! First things first, nails then champs! I'm quite excited about getting a mani+pedi, it'll be the first "professional" nail job that I will have gotten since my birthday. When you're good at doing them yourself, its so hard to justify dropping the $$$ on it. I always tell myself though that my rings look way more sparkly on my hands when my nails are done. Its the little things right??

Pictured below were my wedding day accessories. The handkerchief was my grandmothers. She passed away in 1990, just a few months before my Aunt Dawn got married. Since her passing, every Millians woman has carried this handkerchief down the isle and Tara will carry it this Saturday.

I am so honored to stand by her side as Matron on Honor on Saturday. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara! I love you Tara!


  1. I HATE spanx as well. They tend to roll up my legs anyways lol... not a good look!

  2. I LOVE having a professional mani/pedi! As for the spanx, the pain of wearing them is ALMOST worth it for the awesomeness it is when you finally get to take them OFF!

  3. Those flats are so cute! Have a wonderful time at the wedding!! And enjoy that manicure!