Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Knocking Off the Dust

Is this mic on??

I had a little bit of free time this afternoon, and while I should be crafting a clever email for next week's sphere of influence campaign, I decided to come here instead. This space has been at the bottom of the list for quite sometime now and perhaps I can move it up a few notches! So what has happened since my last post in January??? 

Tara and Josh are Married!!! Presenting Mr and Mrs Hall:

Both of my listings have sold! YAY:

We've been to the lake twice! Once while it was cold, and once to get some sun: 

We celebrated the wedding of a close family friend and Easter: 

This past weekend we headed down to St Simons for a nice three day getaway:

Yesterday - April 25th - was exactly 365 days since my first real estate pre-licensing course. So on that anniversary I got to tell my clients that we're officially UNDER CONTRACT! We've been working together since December so it was such a pleasure to say those words.

Tomorrow I've got Books for Brews for Junior League at Southern Brewing Company, a local brewery! I'm chairman of book distribution project in May, so its always fun to reach out into the community for an event. Local Brewery + Local Non Profit = WIN WIN.

Saturday is my 31st birthday. YIKES, thirty-one. Still not sure how I feel about it, but Steven will always be older than me so I guess there is a silver lining to that haha!!! 

Tah Tah for now friends! I will (hopefully) be back here very soon! At least with a birthday and junior league project re-cap!


  1. you are alive!! yay! i mean i knew you were physically still with us, but I was sad you'd left blog world. I mean I have too a bit, so we are even, but glad to see an update from you! :)

  2. So may exciting things! Happy Belated Birthday!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls