Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I've got my sassy pants on today, so hold on to seats your ladies, I've got a rant to get out.

1) It is NOT fall yet people.
2) I officially HATE Hobby Lobby for already putting out Christmas sh*T.
3) If I see another pumpkin recipe on my Pinterest home screen, I may loose it!

In case you're wondering, my sassy pants are hot pink and glittery today....

Around this time of year, I begin to get irritated by the people who RUSH the end of Summer and bring Fall on early. Perhaps it is because up in 'your neck of the woods' the humidity is down already and your temperatures have fallen below 90*. Perhaps it is because you kids have already started back to school and you already have FALL BREAK written in your calendar and have a countdown on your desk. Or it could be that you're one of those people who is just that obsessed with "pumpkin anything" that you're the first to get your hands on it when it hits the store shelves. 

For me personally, Summer ends when we leave the lake after Labor Day. More than likely it's our last long weekend there before it starts to get cold. Now I am not saying that Fall immediately "starts" when I get home, it comes in stages....

Stage 1: -- Flipping the pages of the September issues of Vogue and InStyle and a six pack of pumpkin beer.
Stage 2: -- Finding Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer in the grocery store OR the first home UGA football game....which ever comes first.
Stage 3: -- Getting out the Fall decor and lighting that FIRST pumpkin candle!  

So if anyone needs me, I'm going to be over here enjoying the last weeks of summer! Having my thighs stick to my leather seats, frizzy hair and drinking beers faster than usual because its still 90* outside! 

Sassy rant over :)



  1. ALL! THE! FIST! PUMPS! I mean, yeah, it's below 90 for the first time since May, but that does not a fall day make - so keep the oktoberfest (which i do love) under wraps for a few more days, I mean, Ultra is a much better hot weather beer, and keep my coffee ICED b/c I'm still sweating to walk to my car...I love the most basic of all seasons too, but I mean. It's SC (GA for you!) - it's not FALL until at least mid-October. I'll still be SWIMMING in six weeks.