Monday, August 29, 2016

The Weekend.

Y'all, I am the worlds worst at taking pictures. The main reason behind that is that I never (ever) have enough memory on my phone. I have 12 apps on my phone....that is it. Now I can understand if I had like 30....but 12? C'mon now Apple! Most of the pictures from the weekend were taken through Instagram. Anyway, moving on from that.....

I always say that my weekends start on Thursday nights ;) and this week was no different! Thursday night, the girls and I went to a fashion show fundraiser! There were 8-10 local boutiques that had clothing in the show! There are so many items that I "need" but Cloister Collection, Cheeky Peach and IV Seasons were my favorite collections!

Steven had the day off on Friday and he took our little fluffy turd to the vet. Turns out Cornflake has periodontal disease and she needs a tooth extracted and her teeth cleaned. YAY. Otherwise she is healthy and according to Steven the ladies at the vet just love her!

Football is less than a week away and in case anyone is wondering if we're excited..... WE ARE! 

Friday night we went to Hendershots to see Stewart and Winfield play. A guy named Adam Payne opened up for them and I (almost) enjoyed him more than S&W. Our friend Justin invited us to go with him and I'm glad we did because this isn't a place that we would have normally gone to on our own! Afterward we headed downtown and behaved as if we were in college and stayed out right until the Ubers started surging! Saturday morning involved advil needless to say....

SaturDAY we went to our friends Josh and Amanda's little boys 2nd birthday party. We had a good time just hanging out and enjoying cupcakes! I didn't take any pictures with my phone because I had Amanda's phone the whole time taking pictures of Asher! He was most excited about his Harley Davidson tricycle haha!!

Saturday NIGHT my cousin Denver and his girlfriend Mary Robbin came over for dinner. We had steak and chicken on the grill, and I whipped up some Suddenly Salad pasta salad as our side! Simple and easy, when it comes to family, sometimes that is all you need !

Sunday my parents got back from Alaska!!!!!!! They've been gone for two weeks! I missed them so much! I did get to talk to them occasionally, but its not the same as knowing that they are just 20 miles down the road. For those of you who live far away from your parents, bless you, because I know that it has to be hard!!!

We started Stranger Things on Netflix last night. I had read that it was an "Awesome" new one told me it was a horror show! I hate scary things! But needless to say I have made it through two episodes and according to my friends it gets better. Also last night while perusing the internet I stumbled across this on Barrington's Instagram....
BLACK LEATHER!!!!! Barrington now offers black leather along with brown! I am hands down obsessed with my tote that Steven got me for my birthday, so now I cannot wait to add another one to my collection :) Here's the color scheme I'm thinking:
And that friends was the weekend! I am excited to share our front door and rear deck paint job! That was finished on Friday! I've got my nose in about three books right now, so I'm wanting to share that list AND we're hosting a couples baby shower in a few weeks and I've got an idea or two for that that I'd love to see what y'all think :) 

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  1. Are y'all going to the game this weekend? We are and I am PUMPED! Hooray for college football and Go Dawgs! Amen.