Monday, July 25, 2016

Dating Anniversary!

Do people still "celebrate" their dating anniversary after they're married? Last year we did, but I think since we have a wedding anniversary now, we'll just keep the date in the back of our minds! However, I plan on getting Steven a funny card tonight!

Just a quick little back story on Steven and I. I love a good "back story" so maybe you'll enjoy this too!

Steven and I talked for almost 3.5 weeks before our first date. As life would have it, just a few days after we exchanged phone numbers, he had to go to DC for work and he wasn't coming home until July 25th. I am so thankful for those three weeks. He called me most every night (provided I didn't call him first) and I would end the night either sitting on the floor beside my bed with my phone plugged in or in my living room on the floor talking to him because my phone would loose battery. I knew that he was special before we even laid eyes on each other.

The original "plan" for us to see each other (for the first time since 5th grade mind you) was for him to come to the lake and meet up with me and some of my friends. We just couldn't get the lake thing together and so I made "the grand gesture" of coming to Tifton to see him.

When this whole thing started, we lived 3.5 hours apart. For him to have driven to the lake, it would have been a 5 hour trip on top of having flown that day. So, on Friday July 25th, I left work just a little early to make the trip down to Tifton from Athens.

I had butterflies the whole time! Especially because for the first two-thirds of my trip, Steven was still in the air on the flight home. But he called me and let me know that he had landed and would be home before I arrived.

That night we ran to the grocery right quick and picked up some wine and appetizers. Which we had eggrolls as one of the apps and I will NEVER forget that. Don't ask me why... Saturday we went to a winery and did a wine tasting and brought home a bottle to "commemorate" our trip. That night we went to dinner in town and the restaurant was dead. It was just us and the waitress/bartender in there!

On Sunday, I didn't want to leave, so I didn't. I decided to stay one more night and get up SUPER early the next morning! Over dinner that evening, we discussed what I feel like was everything under the sun. I remember telling Steven that I wanted to make sure that my engagement ring and wedding band were a set! You can thank the red wine for that one. Which for the record, it matches but its not a set, hahaha.We also talked about God and babies. You know, just covering ALL of the major topics. And that night Steven asked me to not date anyone else.

The rest - ask you know - is HISTORY :)


  1. This is SO sweet!! Keep celebrating your dateversary!! Throw your engageversary in there, too ;)

  2. This is the sweetest!! We still celebrate our dating anniversary, too!