Thursday, July 28, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Hey pretty people! Thank you for all of your kind words on Tuesday's post! I am excited and nervous to take the state exam! I register for it tomorrow and I plan to take it during the week that Steven is traveling for work. That way I can stay up as late as I want, not have to cook dinner or any of that other domesticated stuff haha!

But let's get down to confessing shall we...
- I am returning the two things that I bought from the #nsale. I really didn't know that Zella leggings were workout leggings and I ordered a size up like all these people were saying online. They don't fit and they've got awful seams running down the front. I was thinking I was ordering nice leggings to wear for fall with boots/booties. The shirt that I ordered, it is not me at all. Honestly I don't know why I even ordered it in the first place. Beginning to wonder if the #nsale is all that its cracked up to be...

- However, Nordstrom Rack was on point yesterday! I scored this Trina Turk bathing suit for $52!
- Picking out a house color might be the death of me. Steven and I can't agree on a color, I like grey, he wants the house to be lighter, and the only thing we've agreed upon is the window trim and trim colors. We've also decided to paint the pergola the color of the window trim to give it some interest!

Just a little refresher of what the pergola looks like!
- This is more of a statement verses confession, but you need to make these taquitos!!!! The recipe makes 20 and it has super simple (and cheap!) ingredients, so its perfect to feed a crowd!

Steven and I are off to visit a gym after work to see about joining and to make sure we'll like it. Then afterward we're heading to Happy Hour! I love our little drink dates! :)

I've bought two more paint samples, so I'll keep y'all updated on the color we choose! I had no issues at.all. picking the interior colors, why is the outside killing me?!?! I guess because I'm not the only person who will see it, errrrrybody will see it. Then you have to consider the shingle color and the different colors in the stone, etc etc etc, woof.

Tah Tah For Now!


  1. I am so glad we don't have to paint our house or jason and I would kill each other.

  2. I'm so sad your Zellas are not working!! I've never heard of sizing up for them, but I do wear them for barre - and then out and about the rest of the day still, ha! Mine are from last year's sale so maybe the seam is something new? Weird! Tried and true #nsale always the hanky pankys!! I also scored big time with the fringe scarves, but I'm returning a cashmere sweater I was so in love with but came in HUGE. Good luck with the paint color! We have gray and love it, but the previous owners did the remodel and chose it ;)

  3. That is a tough decision on painting the house. Everyone wants different colors. I am glad most of my outside is brick. That way I don't have to decide. Good luck on your exam. And I also love drink dates too. I can't wait to check out those taquitos. They sound amazing.