Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's On Deck Wednesday!

Hey Pretty People! How is hump day treating you?? Other than this awesome summer cold I'm battling and falling up the stairs this morning, I'm just peachy ;) Yes, up. Just call me Grace.

Steven and I are still eating 90% veggies! We only had meat once while we were at the beach! So I would say that these eating habits might be rubbing off on us. My cousin turned me on to a food blogger - veggininthecity - and I LOVE their instagram posts! This particular picture has inspired tomorrow nights dinner.....

Does that bowl just not look so fresh! I'm thinking about adding in a little feta and italian salad dressing to ours! TIP: I cook our couscous in chicken broth or vegetable broth to give it a little more flavor! In case you've ever tried couscous and thought "this is so bland".

We're giving serious consideration to buying a kiddie pool for the weekend haha! I text Steven yesterday afternoon with a "plan" for Saturday.... Kiddie Pool + Umbrella Stand + New Beach Chairs + Prosecco Margaritas + THIS recipe from Tea Time With Tess :) #fiestaforever 
via Pinterest

As if the dead battery in the Tahoe wasn't enough, I get this lovely message when I got in my car yesterday. And it is still there today.
Many moons ago, something similar to this message happened to my honda, turns out all it needed was a new seat belt receiver. Here's to hoping that the same thing applies to little red. Not looking forward to giving Mercedes Benz technicians any of my money! Little red needs to last until 2017!

Veggie bowls, kidding pools and a quick car fix....that is what's on deck y'all!

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