Monday, June 13, 2016

.....and I took two photos

Epic blogger fail y'all, I managed to take two photos over the weekend and that was it. Well, really it is only one photo because pictures of Cornflake don't count!

Friday evening we headed over to our friends house to grill and hang out. If it were left up to Steven, he would have stayed til 1AM, but I drug him home around midnight haha! We had a great time just catching up and talking about all topics under the sun.

Saturday morning I did a little cleaning before running errands and Steven worked on this...
Yep, we made the kiddie pool happen!!!!!!! We got back from errands around 3:30 and this is where we stayed until almost 8 o'clock! Steven set up a table beside the pool with the radio and a small cooler and we just hung out! Best $40 ever!

Sunday I had brunch with my girlfriends. We hadn't gotten together since April, so it was nice to get together and catch up and enjoy mimosas while doing it all! Afterward I headed over to the Banana Republic factory store in search of a blouse or two. I am in a weird summer rut where I either have going out/dressier tops or v-neck t-shirts and I need something in the middle of the road. My mother has always said "never leave a store without a complete outfit" so I snagged these shorts and this blouse!

The weekend ended with grocery shopping, food prep for the week and a little bit of studying for class! My awful cold is still hanging around, but I am on the upswing of things! I did make the couscous bowl mentioned in Wednesday's post and I bought the ingredients to make THIS from Jenn's post! So I'll let y'all know how the veggie thing is still going ;) I'll end this post with a picture of my best girl, looking so cute last night!
MOM!! Are you going to let me in or what???

Tah Tah For Now!

PS - I thought long and hard about writing a post about what happened in Orlando and the current state of our world right now, but I just don't have the words. All I can do is pray. Pray for those involved, pray for those families, pray for Florida's and our Nation's leaders!


  1. I am one epic blogger fail every weekend. Its ok.

  2. Most definitely copying your kiddie pool idea!

  3. I rarely take photos either. Or the ones I do aren't blogging worthy. Love the shirt and shorts. I would definitely buy them.