Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beach Life: SSI

Growing up, we traveled to St. Simons for long weekends. My dad was in a automotive-recyclers organization and they usually had two meetings a year down on the island, so I have always been familiar with SSI, and have always loved it! Needless to say, when Steven and I started dating and I found out that his mom still lived on SSI, I knew that I had hit the jackpot! 

On our ride down there we were talking about how we have the best of both worlds. We love Athens! We love our home and quirky little city, where we are going to raise our family and where I'm going to kick ass in real estate ;) But we also really love St. Simons and SSI would be the only other place that we would ever move to! So knowing that whenever we get an itch for some salt air, we call Peggy and about 5.5 hours later, we're at the beach.

I left the office around 3:30 on Friday, Steven had the day off so he packed the car, then after an errand we were on the road by 4:30! Steven's sister and brother in law also came into town this weekend and they got there about 45 minutes before us. After a quick freshen up, we headed off to Redfern Village for sushi at Fancy Q!! We grabbed one of the last outdoor tables and we ended up shutting the restaurant down, oops!

Saturday morning we lounged around, ran to the Sea Island Market, Cloister Collection and Gentlemens Outfitters before hitting up the beach. Steven and I stayed at beach until almost 5, when an afternoon storm rolled in.

Neither of us was really looking to get struck by lightening, so we headed to Redfern to meet everyone for Oysters! Y'all, these were just what the doctor ordered!!! Not everyone loves a raw oyster, but I do and I put down a dozen by myself. The oysters were from the Gulf of Mexico and atop a cracker with some tobasco.....perfection!

Later that evening we met up with one of Stevens life-long friends (and groomsmen) Putnam, to celebrate his 30th birthday! Putnams dad cooked up a feast of ribs + shrimp + chicken and fried soft shell crab, it was perfect!!! We probably wouldn't have gotten anything that good at a restaurant. We stayed out until almost 2am and had an absolute blast just hanging out and I loved hearing stories about the two of them from high school and college!

Liz and David had to go home on Sunday - boo! - so we said our goodbyes and then Steven and I headed back to the beach. We both wanted to get in as much vitamin d as possible before heading home.

Thanks to Tropical Storm Collin, there was another afternoon rain shower/thunderstorm, however we rode it out at The King and Prince bar.....so there are no complaints here. I would say that the storm lasted about an hour and a half, then once it was over, we went back to the beach for about another hour!

For dinner that evening we headed to Tramici, and I must say that it was some of the best Italian food I've eaten in a while!!! We had great conversation with Peggy and we ended up befriending a table beside us and we all shut down the restaurant! Anyone seeing a pattern here? Haha!

Monday morning we woke up to rain......and a truck that wouldn't start. We tried to jump it off, then Steven crawled on the ground and tried this "starter trick" AKA banging the starter with a hammer to try and get it to turn over. No such luck. This little fiasco resulted in a tow truck bill and me missing my real estate class last night. Thankfully, it was nothing too serious, the tahoe made it home just fine after a new battery and Steven and I got to enjoy a leisurely evening on the couch.

While I was glad to get home to see my fluffy little girl, I would also be totally fine if we were still at the beach today :) but I think that is how it always goes! Til next time St. Simons!


  1. Other than the truck fiasco, it sounds like y'all had a good time!!!!I've never been to St. Simons, but it looks beautiful! I wish we lived that close to the beach!!!! The closest beach is a 7.5-8 hour trip for us :(

  2. So jealous you have a beach so close. No luck here.