Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Rewind!

Hey Pretty People! I hope that wherever you are, you've got AC! Lawd-a-mercy this weather is crazy!!

Steven and I kicked off our weekend with a little tour de downtown on Friday evening! When we do a "tour", we have 1 drink at each of our favorite places, then order something to-go and end our night at home. The first stop was The World Famous.... known for their pretzel bites and Chupacabras!

Our next stop was Steven's favorite place.... The Georgia Theatre Rooftop. If it were left up to him, we would only go here, world famous and allgood, no other bars would be in the running haha!
Our last stop was Mellow Mushroom. We enjoyed a Creature Comforts Tropicalia while we waited for our Maui Wauwie pizza. If you like Hawaiian pizza, we HIGHLY suggest that you order this the next time you go to Mellow. Add a little siracha on the top and you'll be hooked ;) We headed back home and hung out on the patio until we called it quits around 11:30.

Before heading to the lake Saturday, I had a bridal shower to attend and Steven made a run to Winder to a local butcher shop called Bentley's. Daddy had requested steaks for Father's Day! We were both standing in the office (where the ironing board is always set-up) and there was a deer in our backyard! A) We have yet to see a deer since moving into our house B) this one was literally on the patio!

Unfortunately it was cloudy on Saturday so there wasn't too much "sunning" to be done. We headed to the local marina because there was a boat demo going on! My parents have had their pontoon boat for 25 years, yes 25 years and the boat is still kicking. I mean after all that time, they deserve an upgrade!! This boat was hands down their favorite pick and if mine and Steven opinion counts, its ours too haha!

After a short ride, we headed back to the dock and Steven and Daddy did a little fishing. Steven caught this huge catfish with just a bread ball on his hook!

The day ended with dinner on the patio and an early bedtime.... we are so getting old haha!

Sunday was a short day and we all headed back home around 3ish. I had school work, Steven needed to prep for being on a job this week, Daddy dropped his phone in the lake and needed to buy a new one and my Mom had to prep for Princess Camp this week. PC is put on buy a group of local ladies that she volunteers with. I can't wait to snap a few pictures tomorrow to show y'all the fabulous decorations that she came up with!
I very much enjoyed celebrating my Daddy this weekend! I am so lucky to still have him, in the past few years I have had a few friends loose their Daddies and I know how hard not having him around can be! 

Cornflake informed me that she is not ready to "hit the daily grind" just yet, so if I need her, she'll be right where I left her this morning!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love your outfit from Friday night :)

  2. Boat time is some of the best times! I never stopped at World Famous when I lived in Athens and I'm majorly regretting it now! Highwire was always my favorite!