Wednesday, June 29, 2016


A little 'current' update from The Caudells :)
Reading - Did someone say real estate books? I am kind of mad at Amazon though, I got an email letting me know that James Patterson has a new book coming out. I got super excited, immediately clicked the email, its not coming out until the fall. WOOF! 
Buying - Well, I am trying NOT to buy anything right now, but I could honestly use a new swimsuit and so could Steven! We may or may not be stopping by the mall on the way to the lake this weekend!
Praying - Praying over just a little bit of everything.What I really need guidance on right now is the urge to spend money and patience in the next 6-8 weeks. Going into real estate means giving up a steady paycheck. While I am not going to quit my job completely, I am trying to put back extra money for my portion of the bills. I am super excited to be starting a new career, but I am nervous because I really don't know what it holds.
Listening - Most of the time I am thinking about 50 million other things in the car, so I'm not concentrating on songs, unless my jam comes on..... Don't Stop Believin. Then I drop all thoughts, turn it up super loud and jam out haha!
Watching - The back of my eyelids. However, I heard that The Bachelorette was super dramatic last night, so I might have to check the DVR when I get home!
Devouring - Mediterranean wraps from Publix are my jam right now!!!!! Spinach wrap + spinach + feta + cucumbers + carrots + banana peppers + deli dressing. MMMMM, its what I am having for lunch today. Also I am all about Boom Chicka Pop, Smartfood Popcorn or any kind of air popped popcorn I can get my hands on.
Loving - How incredibly supportive my husband is right now! I had my first real estate agent interview last week and they offered me a position! When Steven told me how proud he was of me, I think I fell in love with him more!
Hating - UM, I am not hating anything right now per say. I guess I could hate on the 70% chance of rain that is in the forecast for Sunday!
Wanting - For it not to rain! 
Wishing - We could win the lottery on Saturday night! $415 million..... hot damn!
Feeling - At the end of the day, incredibly blessed.
Anticipating - The booking of our 1 year anniversary trip! Steven can't make up his mind in between two locations, and that just might kill me haha! But I guess the biggest anticipation is the ACTUAL booking and final costs. Not to mention, flying internationally (well basically flying at all right)  due to the rise of airport attacks. My heart breaks for all of those who perished and those who are fighting for their lives right now in Turkey. It sure does make the trip to the Keys a little more desirable!


  1. How exciting about your new career, praying for you and sending you good vibes!!!!!

    I hear you about Turkey. We were just in Kusadasi two months ago and you'd never know there were any issues. People need to wise up about terrorism in Turkey. It breaks my heart no one talks about it.

  2. Prayers on your new start in real estate I know you will rock it. And gotta love a supportive hubs. They are hands down the best.