Thursday, June 30, 2016

iphone dump!!

Hey y'all! I had my second agent interview today with another agency in town! It went really well and once again I am feeling SUPER scared PUMPED about everything :) Bringing y'all a quick little iphone dump for the week! Tomorrow I am sharing two recipes that I am planning to make over the 4th weekend, so make sure to come back for that!

Pomp-poms might be the rage by the time I have kids, but I had better get these or a better alternative!

Our kitchen table is literally just for looks. We never eat off of, Cornflake is glad.

My aunt is re-doing her living room and is giving these chairs to Steven and I! Sa-weet!

$159 p/p for the Dominican! Choices, choices!

$179 p/p for Cancun! Choices, choices!

Starbucks #purpledrank go get you one!


  1. We LOVED Cancun when we went for our honeymoon, but I think I'd love the DR also. I'm not sure you can make a wrong choice there. Also, great chairs!

  2. Excellence is the all-inclusive resort, yes? We are going to the Cancun/Isla Mujeres one for a wedding this fall!! Love the hand-me-down chairs, I'd totally take those. I have not tried the purple Starbucks (or pink/green/blue/orange), I'm waiting for my free drink, lol :)

  3. Love those chairs you all are getting! We went to the DR for our honeymoon and loved it!