Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cake by the Lake!

That is a much catchier tune that "cake by the ocean" am I right?!?! My sweet husband turned 31 yesterday! He took the day off of work and I got to see him for a little while I was at work, then my dad took him to dinner last night while I was in class! So in between that and our awesome lake weekend, I think it was a good birthday :) 

Friday I drove his truck to work and got his grilles installed. Then during my lunch break I headed over to Cecilias to get his birthday cake. I stopped at Striplings (local butcher + general store) to pick up meat for the weekend and grab him a 20oz Yeti cup. We are big Yeti fans around our house and after we got two for my parents for Fathers Day, Steven said he "needed one".

We got to the lake around 7:30 Friday evening. After we finished a quick bite of dinner it was time for a sunset cruise! We puttered around for about an hour, then we halfway docked the boat and hung out at the dock until it was dark. No one else was coming up until Saturday, so it was nice to have an evening just to ourselves.

While sitting under the stars, we were talking about how we wished we knew what we were looking at. So I took to the handy dandy iphone and downloaded a free star gazer app! To the southeast of us we could Saturn and Mars! The app will animate the stars/planets so you what you're seeing!

Saturday morning we ran to the grocery right quick, then set up the dock and packed the cooler while waiting on everyone to arrive! Justin and Erin brought their boat so we could do a little tubing during the day. We set out for a ride, found a private beach over in South Carolina and docked for a little while, then headed to the restaurant on the water for a late lunch.
The whole afternoon was pretty much spent on the boat! We came back around 6, and I headed up to make the homemade slaw and season up the burgers. Afterward we took a sunset cruise and then had dinner.

Homemade Slaw: 3/4 head of cabbage, 3/4 head of red cabbage, 3/4 of a bag of shredded carrots, Marzetti's cole slaw dressing, 1/4cup of dill relish, few dashes of white wine vinegar and salt + pepper to taste.

If it were left up to me, we would have skipped dinner and gone straight to the cake haha! We rounded out our evening with games of heads up and catchphrase around the table.

Sunday, Josh and Tara were able to hang out for the day, so I whipped up breakfast then we hung out until around 4:30. Steven was the only responsible adult out of the group that day and constantly applied sunscreen, the rest of us left the lake red and tired!

Just a little fun fact about Steven's birthday...... I wrote on his FB wall two years ago a simple "Happy Birthday". We hadn't seen each other since 5th grade, so there was no need for 50 million exclamation marks or anything extravagant, but we had been in several classes together in elementary school and our mothers were good friends! Well low and behold, all it took as was me writing on his wall, because about two days later, he sent me a FB message! 

After three days of FB messaging, we graduated to texts, which graduated to phone calls which turned into our first date three weeks later that just happened to turn into Happily Every After. Who knew that "Happy Birthday" would change our lives! 

Happy Birthday Baby! Love you more!


  1. Cake by the Lake? Yes, waaaay catchier!!! :) Also, the FB story at the end - so sweet!!

  2. Such a sweet love story and I love cake... anywhere.