Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I feel a GIVEAWAY coming on....

Summer is almost here....

I am nine posts away from my 250th blog post!....

And I feel a GIVEAWAY coming on!

But before I go out and buy all the things, what would you like to be given away?? Beach towels? Good nail polish? Yeti tumbler + monogram? Beach tote (my favorite is from Ballard Designs!)? A bottle of my favorite wine? I have yet to get that money tree to grow in my back yard, so it won't be all the things listed above, but more than likely it will be two items and goodies!

What makes you not participate in a giveaway? Rafflecopter? Having to "like" or "follow on bloglovin" 50 million bloggers? The giveaway is baby clothes and you don't have a baby? 

Leave your comments, so I can get to buying :) 


  1. I'll take one of each! Lol,

  2. And I only want to have to do one thing to enter maybe two.

  3. A corksickle tumbler with lilly monogram! ;)

  4. Only to do one thing to be able to enter!